Find The Best Forex Trading Blogs In 2022

Over the last few years there has been a boom in forex content online. This is brilliant news for beginners as there are a huge amount of dedicated resources to help traders learn the ropes and reach consistency within the markets. We have compiled a very simple but in-depth list of the worlds leading forex trading blogs. 

1. Daily Fx

Daily Fx, sponsored by IGOpens in a new tab.


FTMO is one of the worlds leading prop firmsOpens in a new tab.

3. Baby Pips

Babypips is one of the most widely used resources for newbie forex traders. Instead of immediately buying a forex trading courseOpens in a new tab.

4. FX Street

If you’ve been in the forex industry for more than a few weeks, I’m sure you would have stumbled across FX Street at some point already. They’re one of the most well known resources within the industry, with a huge amount of content, trading ideas, strategies and setups in the site. I personally use FX Street every day for economic news that maybe relevant to my trading efforts.

5. Investopedia

Investopedia is an absolute powerhouse within the online investing industry. With over 60 million pageviews per month (estimated), I’d imagine that you’ve ended up on the site many times. Investopedia is actually one of the best forex trading blogs due to the huge amount of content surrounding the most widely known aspects of forex trading. If you ever need help understanding the basic concepts of forex trading like leverage, margin and spreads, this is the blog to use! 

6. Forex Broker Report

Forex Broker Report has become a widely trusted resource, specifically in the forex prop firm industry. With a huge amount of content surrounding forex trading strategies, informative content and reviews with all of the worlds leading prop firms – the blog is rapidly becoming a player within the online forex space. If you’re ever looking to get funded forex accountsOpens in a new tab.

7. Earn Forex

Earn Forex is a fairly large blog in the forex industry, with a huge amount of content regarding strategies, tools, books, brokers and even a community. If you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to building a trading strategy, I’d definitely have a look on the blog! 

8. Forex Crunch

Forex Crunch, in my opinion is very similar to Fx Live. The website has real time fundamental and economic news alongside trading tips, strategies and market insights. I’d highly recommend having a dive into this forex trading blog to have a look at some of the trade ideas and market sentiment ideas.

9. Forex Live

Forex Live is a resource that is trusted by most of the fundamental forex retail traders. The blog publishes daily content breaking down sentiment, fundamental ideas and trade ideas. The site is one of the best resources for everything fundamental and I’d recommend that all forex traders, whether price action based or not, are using the site each day to help build a case for each of their forex trades. 

10. Forex Factory

Forex Factory has been one of my favourite economic calendar sites over the last few years. This forex trading blog has a huge amount of value for traders. It has a forum with a great community of like minded traders, along with a news section, trading ideas section and an economic calendar. The economic calendar is one of the best out of all the forex websites right now!

11. Trading Heroes

Trading Heroes sells a course teaching you how to trade forex, as most websites do these days – however, they are also a great forex blog. They have a great deal of content, primarily aimed around price action trading. This is a great read for beginner traders within their first few months just to pick up a few tricks and tips for free. 

12. Forex4Noobs

Forex4Noobs is, as you may have gathered, aimed towards newbie forex traders and it’s truly a great resource for them. They focus on very basic forex price action and teaching extremely simple strategies. Whether these strategies really work is another question but there is still a huge amount of valuable information on the forex blog. 

13. Learn To Trade The Market

Learn To Trade The Market is another really useful forex trading blog with a lot of free content. The aim of the website is to get you to pay for mentorship so I would just use the site for the free value, personally. For newbie traders there is a lot of information about price action trading strategies and risk management tips that should be very useful! 

14. EA-Coder

EA Coder, the developer behind some of the worlds leading forex trade copier toolsOpens in a new tab.

15. We Talk Trade

We Talk Trade is another forex trading blog that has a huge amount of free content and therefore a lot of valuable information for newbie forex traders. They release free ebooks from time to time and I’d recommend circling back to the site every few months to read through all of the latest content. 

16. Trading With Rayner

Trading With Rayner is a hugely useful resource for traders looking to learn price action basics. There isn’t anything ground breaking on the website but if you’re a newbie, there is going to be a lot of free value in the strategy articles and technical tips. Trading With RaynerOpens in a new tab.

17. Trading Strategy Guides

Trading Strategy Guides is a fairly valuable resource for newbie forex traders. I cannot endorse paying for any of the content on the site but I would recommend absorbing all of the free blog content when looking to find your edge and strategy within the market. 

18. The Lazy Trader

The Lazy Trader is a forex blog growing in popularity. I wouldn’t recommend paying for any content or training strategies from the site but there is a huge amount of value in the free articles and content! There isn’t anything groundbreaking on the blog, but certainly worth giving it a read if you’re a bit stuck for inspiration or looking to get into forex trading!