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Slow connections, slow computers and hardware issues have been costing forex traders millions a year in losses. Higher latency can completely change the results of high frequency trading systems. Hardware issues are extremely common for traders with EA’s or trade copiers, resulting in mismanagement of trades, missing trades completely and a lack of consistent results. Spending tens of thousands on a state of the art computer setup isn’t feasible for most traders though… This is where a Forex VPS comes in.

In this article we are going to be completely reviewing Forex VPS, the industry leader in VPS’ specifically designed for the needs of forex traders. I’ve personally been a customer for many years now and it’s been crucial to my trading, so we will break down the pros, cons and my experience with the service…

What Is Forex VPS?

Forex VPSOpens in a new tab.

Forex VPS is affiliated with a range of different brokers, like IC MarketsOpens in a new tab.

Forex VPS Features

ForexVPS has a range of features and tools that are essential for serious forex traders. Let’s take a look at some of these features:

1. Lowest Latency

Forex VPS has a crazy low latency as all of the servers have Tier 1 bandwidth. Trades will be executed in less than 1 millisecond and the resources aren’t shared. I have personally found this to be true over the last few years, trades have always been executed extremely fast when I am trading on my VPS, compared to on my local machines. The latency is by far the lowest in the industry compared to the other forex vpsOpens in a new tab.

2. 100% Up-Time

Forex VPS guarantee 100% up-time by having power backup in place, should there be a power outage. This again, is very important for high frequency traders and forex traders that will be in a huge volume of positions – any down time can cause a huge hole in the balance sheet. Some of the other VPS providers cannot guarantee this kind of up-time.

3. Equinix Data Centres

Forex VPS uses Equinix Data centres meaning your server will be right next to your brokers servers and your banks servers. This guarantees the best connection and lowest latency in the markets – something crucial for traders. Not only that, they have data centres in:

  • New York
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Zurich
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong

4. Works With All Platforms & Brokers

No matter what broker you’re trading with, the VPS is still going to be running absolutely fine. All prop firm accounts will also run with no issues – alongside any trading platform like MetaTrader or cTrader. Not being restricted allows you to diversify broker risk, potentially trade multiple accounts and have the freedom of what platforms you trade on – something that using a local machine doesn’t always give you. Most of the top forex vps providersOpens in a new tab.

5. 24/7 Tech Support

The majority of us forex traders aren’t too tech-savvy. I’m not sure about you, but I have some basic knowledge when it comes to setting my programs and algorithms up but if anything serious goes wrong, it’s probably going to take me a long while to figure it out. Forex VPS offer 24/7 tech support, which is absolutely crucial for traders. Any minute where your trading systems aren’t performing correctly could cost your portfolio drastically. Luckily the team is on hand 24/7 to answer any queries you may have.

6. Web Based Control Panel

The benefit of having a VPS is the fact nothing is local – and nor is the control panel. Forex VPS offers an online web portal control panel where you can have unrestricted access to mange your server and programs, from anywhere in the world.

What Are The Forex VPS Plans & Pricing?

There are a number of different prices and packages that Forex VPSOpens in a new tab.

Free VPS – £0

Depending on which broker you use and the amount of volume you trade every month, Forex VPS is partnered with a number of brokers to offer a free or discounted VPS. Scroll down to the broker partnerships below to see if you would be eligible for a free package.

Basic – £25.99

This is a Windows 2012 Server, with 60GB of disk space. This is going to be perfect for retail forex traders with a small operation, maybe an EA or two and not many platforms running.

Basic+ – £28.99

This package is slightly bigger than the Basic package, with now 80GB of disk space. Beyond that, the server can either be Windows 2012, Windows 2016, or Windows 2019. This is going to be much more useful and potentially much faster, making it the most common choice for traders. I personally used this VPS for many years.

Standard – £42.99

The standard package comes with a CPU cores, 90GB disk space and either Windows 2012, Windows 2016 or Windows 2019 OS. This is going to be great for forex traders running a huge amount of EAs, a very large trade copier operation or frankly just looking for the fastest service possible in a VPS. For your average retail trader, this will be slightly overkill though, and most would be better suited to the basic package.

High Frequency – £48.99

The high frequency package is the most expensive and for good reason. It comes with 3 GB RAM, a 3.4Ghz+ and 100GB of disk space. This is overkill for most traders, but for those forex traders with high frequency systems, a huge number of EA’s or a large trade copier operation, this is going to be the best VPS in the industry.

My Recommendation

I would personally advise most traders go with the Basic+ packageOpens in a new tab.

Forex VPS Broker Partnerships

Over my first few months of having a VPS from this company, I actually never paid a penny. This is due to the fact that Forex VPS partner with some of the worlds largest forex brokers, to offer a discounted rate to traders that are able to trade enough volume (lot sizes per month). In essence, your broker will pay Forex VPS to give you a free VPS! Out of all best forex vpsOpens in a new tab.

1. IC Markets

IC MarketsOpens in a new tab.

Apply through either Forex VPS or IC Markets client areaOpens in a new tab.

2. Pepperstone

PepperstoneOpens in a new tab.

  • Basic VPS – 15 Lots Monthly
  • Basic+ VPS – 25 Lots Monthly
  • Standard – 30 Lots Monthly
  • High Frequency – 40 Lots Monthly

These kind of trading volumes are achievable for the majority of retail traders so getting there really shouldn’t be a problem. Once you reach the requirements, you can apply for the VPS hereOpens in a new tab.

3. Global Prime

Global Prime is another partnered broker, meaning if you’re trading with them and reaching a minimum of 20 lots per month, you will be able to qualify for a free Basic VPS. This basic VPS is perfect for most forex traders and comes with these benefits:

  • Capable of running 3 MT4 platforms at the same time
  • Latency of 1ms
  • 100% uptime guarantee in market trading hours
  • Fast setup (within 15 minutes of being approved)

All of this for free! Claim your free VPS nowOpens in a new tab.

4. AXI

Axi is another partnered forex broker, meaning if you’re trading a minimum of 20 lots per month you will be eligible for a free VPS. Once you have applied hereOpens in a new tab.

Why Use A VPS For Forex Trading?

There are many reasons why using a VPS for forex trading might be a really good idea. When I initially setup my first Forex VPS, it was in partnership with IC Markets a good few years ago and I had just reached some levels of profitability as a trader. Let’s have a look at some possible uses for the VPS…

1. EA’s

If you’re an EA trader, you’re going to want to ensure that you have low latency and good connection to the markets 24/5. Not only that, you have to leave EA’s running on a computer or chart for the whole day in order for it to execute positions. For most traders, leaving a laptop running 24 hours a day and ensuring it has constant connection to the markets, no loss of wifi etc is going to be extremely hard. It’ll be much easier to setup a VPS to run the EA’s on and you can just log into the web portal whenever modifications are needed.

2. Trade Copier

Having a trade copierOpens in a new tab.

3. Prop Firm Funding

One of the best uses of a VPS is to setup multiple prop firm accounts and have them running simultaneously with a trade copier. By using some of the Best Prop FirmsOpens in a new tab.

You could setup your trading accounts like this:

This would dramatically increase most retail traders capital and is only really possible by having all of the accounts logged in and ready on a VPS at all times. Having the accounts on a laptop for instance, then losing wifi connection is going to be a huge issue for traders with such a lot of capital, hence why a VPS is key.

4. Getting Trading Tools On Mac

One of the main issues with trying to trade on Mac is the fact that most trading tools like MetaTrader and cTrader don’t work on the operating system the majority of the time. Some brokers have managed to create their working versions but the majority of MT4 versions don’t support Mac. By using a Forex VPS and a Remote Desktop tool, you can trade on Windows, whilst just logging in on Mac – getting the best of both worlds and all the functionality you could need as a trader.

Forex VPS Customer Support

When it comes to downtime and technical errors, with VPS’s usually there will be money on the line from missed trades so it’s very important that the support team is good, helpful and quick to respond.

I have personally used the customer support team at Forex VPS multiple times at different points during the day over the last few years and every time I’ve been very surprised at how quickly my query has been resolved. You can either get in touch by email or the contact form on the website, 24/7.

The VPS will come completely setup, making it extremely user friendly so the large majority of traders are never going to have to even speak to the support team but it still gives peace of mind just knowing they are there.

Forex VPS Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

One of the best ways to gauge the service a VPS provider has to offer is to look at the success other traders are having with the platform. Just because we might test the VPS and have perfect latency, other traders in other locations might be having a completely different experience. We use this approach when we test and review our Top Prop FirmsOpens in a new tab.

ForexVPS has an Excellent reputation on TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.

Otto here mentions how easy it is to setup the VPS. I personally used Forex VPS for the longest out of all of the services I’ve tested and I agree with the fact it was completely painless to setup – everything went perfectly and the support team were there to help with anything needed.

The company is also rated very highly on ForexPeaceArmyOpens in a new tab.

In Conclusion – Is Forex VPS The Best VPS For Traders?

In summary, Forex VPS is without a doubt the highest spec VPS for forex traders and I truly believe all serious traders should be using one of the range of VPS offered. I’ve been a customer for many years and the guaranteed up time, the insanely low latency, great connection, quick setup and 24/7 support has revolutionised my trading and I couldn’t recommend the company enough.

Definitely go through one of the patterned brokers to get a free VPS if that’s something you can do – like I did. If you’re on the fence there is a 7-day money back guarantee on all purchases so there’s no risk in signing up and testing the service.

If you have any experience with Forex VPS I’d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments down below.

Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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