What Is Forex Broker Report?

Forex Broker Report is your one stop shop for detailed forex reviews, strategies and guidance. We’ve been actively speculating in the forex markets for over 6 years now and pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and the validity of information we publish. 

We’ve tested hundreds of brokers, prop firms, trade copiers and VPS’s over the years but if there is something we haven’t covered, be sure to let us know and we’ll conduct a thorough research on your behalf! 

As the industry grew, we’ve become most well known for our in-depth and unbiased prop firm trading reviews, read by hundreds of thousands of traders around the world looking to become prop firm funded.

Best Forex Prop Firms

Looking for the best forex prop firm for your funded trading account? Look no further!

1. The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader is currently the highest ranked prop firm in the industry amongst traders and analysts!

2. MyFundedFx

MyFundedFx has risen to a second place ranking, with thousands of withdrawals processed and happy traders around the world!

Best Forex Trade Copiers

Looking for the best forex trade copier for your trading? We’ve tried and tested every option in the industry so you don’t have to!

1. Forex Copier

Forex Copier 4 is ranking the best trade copying tool in the industry, with tens of thousands of traders using it as month!

2. MT4 Copier

MT4 Copier (Local Trade Copier) has long been one of the most stable and reliable trade copy systems in the industry!

Check out our compiled reviews of Forex YouTube Channels to help you learn for free from reputable traders! 

Struggling to find a reputable forex trading course? We’ve tried and tested the top 20 courses to compile in-depth reviews to keep you safe when purchasing a course! 

Looking to copy your trades to secondary accounts? Or even copy the trades of other investors? Setting up a reliable trade copier will save you a lot of headaches along the way! 

Backtesting is a crucial part of building a profitable trading strategy. Check out our reviews of the industries best backtesting tools!

Looking to become a funded trader and increase your trading profits? We’ve tried and tested the industries highest ranked prop firms!

Navigating the forex VPS marketplace can be a minefield, with so many factors to consider from latency to uptime and functionality. Check out our compiled VPS reviews!

Forex Brokers

Struggling to find a reputable forex broker to trade with? We’ve compiled the industries leading brokers for you to compare and contrast and stay safer when choosing a broker!

Trade journalling is crucial to becoming a consistently profitable trader but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to navigate!

Even in 2023, forex still isn’t legal in some countries around the world. We’ve compiled a list of many countries to help you stay abreast of these regulations!

Struggling with MT4? We all know it’s not the most user friendly, hence why we’ve compiled a list of handy guides to hopefully get you out of a pinch!

Learning to trade from online blogs is a great way to expand your knowledge for free. Checkout our compiled list of the worlds best forex trading blogs!

We’ve compiled hundreds of useful forex trading articles for traders looking to grow their skillset and hopefully become better traders. Check them out!