Find The Best Forex Trade Copiers In 2023

If you’re getting great trading results on one MT4 account, imagine what you could do with 10, or 15?! With so many prop firms and opportunities in the markets, more and more forex traders are looking to copy their positions to multiple accounts simultaneously and increase their profits. We have compiled a very simple but in-depth comparison of the worlds leading Forex Trade Copiers. 

1. MT4 Copier (Local Trade Copier)


MT4 Copier, created by Rimantas Petrauskas is the worlds leading forex trade copier, allowing multiple master accounts to copy trades to unlimited copier accounts instantly. MT4 Copier has the best reputation in the industry, a great support team, constant updates and a range of risk management features that are essential for serious traders. I’ve been personally using this EA for the last 3 years and I have nothing but positive things to say about the tool. In fact, click here to read my full, comprehensive review about my experience with MT4 CopierOpens in a new tab.

2. Forex Copier 3


Forex Copier is currently helping over 5000 traders worldwide copy their trades automatically onto other broker accounts, prop firm accounts and investor accounts. The tool is extremely easy to setup, connects from MT4 to MT5, has a range of risk management settings, as well as automatic problem solving and a free demo! Click here for my full review on Forex Copier, looking at the pros, cons and everything you’ll need to know. 

3. Social Trader Tools


Social Trader Tools has one of the most comprehensive offerings when it comes to managing multiple trading accounts and copying trades across MT4 brokers. The platform is completely cloud based and comes with a range of useful features from reverse copying to equity protection, making it a must have for fund managers. Click here to read my full review of Social Trader Tools

4. Traders Connect


Traders Connect is a fairly new trade copy system which is completely cloud based! It’s certainly the prettiest of all the trade copiers listed and it provides analytics, a copy marketplace, low latency, notifications and equity protection strategies, making it a great option for traders looking to copy trades to other MT4 accounts!

5. FxBlue Trade Copier


FxBlue has released a trade copier, working across MT4 and MT5 that allows trades to be copied perfectly, with low latency and comes with a range of risk management features. Trades can only be copied from one master account, to one receiver account which is the only downside to this free tool. For most retail/hobby traders, FxBlue will be more than good enough for your trade copying needs!

6. Telegram Fx Copier


Telegram Fx Copier is a trade copy software that specialises in copying trades directly from Telegram Channels, to your M4 and MT5 accounts automatically, in less than 5 seconds! It’s hard to take calls and setups from live trading rooms, with real life getting in the way, but this software automates the whole process and gives you in-depth analytics of how each trade is performing. Click here to have a read of my full review, breaking down everything you need to know about Telegram Fx CopierOpens in a new tab.

7. Duplikium Trade Copier


Duplikium Trade Copier is a fully cloud based trade copier solution, offering unlimited accounts, low latency, a huge range of advanced features and cross platform functionality. This software is going to be a must have for fund managers and traders working across MT4 to cTrader to LMAX. Have a read of my full review of the Duplikium Trade Copier offering, looking at the pros and cons! 

8. 4X Solutions Trade Copier


4X Solutions is the trusted trade copier used by over 15,000 traders worldwide. The solution is completely cloud based, easy to setup, comes with advanced risk management capabilities and it can be scaled up to 10,000 copier accounts! 4X solutions is trusted by some of the worlds largest retail forex brokers – have a read of our full review to find out whyOpens in a new tab.

9. Fx Copier


Fx Copier is a trade copier tool that allows traders to use the 100 innovative features to flawlessly copy trades from a master account to unlimited receiver accounts. The tool comes with an online back end portal where you’re able to monitor all copier accounts – something very important for traders with large operations. 

10. Trade Tools Fx


Trade Tools Fx is a fully automated forex trade copier that allows trades to be replicated locally or remotely. The tool comes with anti-slippage, low latency and claims to provide a perfect copy of the trades taken, to an unlimited amount of remote receivers. 

11. Auto-Fx-Pro


Auto Fx Pro is a trade copier that works with any broker and either locally or remotely to provide an instant trade copy service. Trades are replicated on MT4 and MT5 with multiple risk management features, inverted copying and a real time control panel, making this a great option for traders looking to replicate their trades onto other accounts.

12. Fast MT4 Copy


Fast MT4 Copy is a lightweight EA used to copy trades instantly from one MT4 account to another. This EA is compatible between both MT4 and MT5 and it’s easy to see why over 100 traders rated this tool 5 stars. Unlike many trade copiers, Fast MT4 Copy can be downloaded from the MQL5 Marketplace and installed directly onto your trading platform in seconds.