Find The Best Forex VPS In 2023

With forex being a zero sum market, every pip counts and having access to the best market conditions can be the difference between profits and losses in the markets. Forex VPS’ provide the lowest latency and fastest connection to your broker and therefore the live markets.

With so many VPS providers now specialising in forex, there is a lot of variables to consider when choosing which service you use. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all of worlds leading forex vps providers. 

1. FXVPS.Pro


FxVPS.Pro is one of the worlds leading forex vps providers with a comprehensive offering for traders! With prices starting at just $3 per month, 100% uptime, low latency, multiple data centres, 24/7 support and setup within 1 hour of purchase, it’s clear to see why traders are loving them within the industry! 

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2. Forex VPS


Forex VPS is the worlds leading forex vps provider, partnering with some of the worlds leading forex brokers like IC Markets and Pepperstone. With multiple data centre locations, the service provides 100% uptime, 5 minute setup and the lowest latency in the industry.

I have personally used Forex VPS for the last 4 years and never experienced a single issue or unexpected down time, so I highly recommend them.

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FXVM offers a forex vps specifically designed for traders to give you the best market conditions. The vps comes with multiple pricing plans, low latency and a 100% uptime guarantee. The company has great reviews and it’s clear to see why!

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4. MyForexVPS


MyForexVPS offer low latency forex vps packages for traders looking for a better connection to the market. The vps comes with 99.999% guaranteed uptime, instant activation, multiple data centres, a dedicated IP, access to server and unmetered data traffic.

The service has a good reputation in the trading industry and it’s clear to see why! 

5. TradingFXVPS


TradingFXVPS is the only vps provider offering different types of vps depending on the type of forex trader you are. The vps has extremely low latency, 100% uptime, low prices and 24 hour support. I highly recommend using TradingFXVPS if you’re requiring a very specific kind of forex VPS setup.

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6. VPS Forex Trader


VPS Forex Trader is one of the best forex vps services in the market. They offer a money back guarantee, flexible upgrades, competitive pricing and it’s obvious why they’re rated so highly! The support team are absolutely great, which is crucial for forex traders using a vps.

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7. BestFxVps


BestFxVPS is a vps provider catering to specifically forex traders. There are 4 price packages all coming with ultra low latency of 0.2ms, high level security, instant setup, 24 hour support and a lowest price guarantee.

BestFxVPS is rated 5 star in over 180 reviews, so they’re definitely worth checking out! 



FXSVPS is one of the worlds leading forex vps providers, serving over 200,000 traders since 2012. With prices starting at just $1 per month, the vps comes with low latency, multiple data centres, a personal support rep, multiple payment options and access via mobile/tablet.

FXSVPS is a great option for retail forex traders running a few terminals at once, looking to have a great connection to the markets. Click here to have a read of our full, in-depth review of FXSVPS.

9. Cheap Forex VPS


Cheap Forex VPS does exactly what it says on the tin! If you’re looking for a cheap forex setup within minutes starting at just a few dollars per month, this is the service for you! With insanely fast setup, low cost and low latency, it’s easy to see why the company has a great reputation.

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10. Hostworld UK


Hostworld UK provides vps’ specifically created with forex traders in mind. They have an excellent reputation on Trustpilot and it’s easy to see why! Hostworld offers setup within 1 minute, pre installed terminals, low latency trading and guaranteed uptime.

With forex vps prices starting at just £14.99 per month, it’s definitely worth checking out! 

11. OneVPS


OneVPS is one of the worlds leading vps providers with over 160,000 happy customers and great reviews online! The company provides a cheap vps service that is up and running instantly, with no downtime, 24/7 support and complete scalability.

OneVPS isn’t completely focused on the focus industry, however, with multiple data centres and ultra low latency this vps is still perfect for forex traders looking for the optimal conditions! 

12. UltraFx


UltraFx is a high quality forex vps specifically for algo traders needing lightening fast market connection. UltraFx use Equinix Data Centres to provide the best possible connection and even offer dedicated servers for serious HFT traders.

They can also cross connect with some of the worlds leading brokers. UltraFx will be overkill for most traders but if you’re scalping or high frequency trading, this may be the forex vps for you! 

13. FxVPS.Biz


FxVPS.Biz is a vps provider offering low latency as fast as 0.38ms for trade execution. The company has data centres in all financial hubs around the world, alongside 100% guaranteed uptime and round the clock support.

FxVPS.Biz servers have been optimised for EA trading and they also offer a 7 day trial to test their speeds and uptime! 

14. V2 Cloud Forex VPS


V2 Cloud Forex VPS has over 25,00 active users around the world. The service has a great reputation, low latency, low prices and dual monitor support.

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15. Hostiger


Hostiger provides forex trading servers for traders around the world, specifically tailored for the MT4 platform. Hostiger have data centres in all financial hubs around the world so you can have your server directly next to your brokers.

The pricing ranges from $10 per month for the smallest server, all the way to $79 per month for the largest setup – which would be overkill for the majority of forex retail traders. 

16. Accuweb Forex VPS


Accuweb Forex VPS is a great option for traders looking for a reliable service with low latency. The VPS comes with 14 data centres around the world, with automatic backups and a very simple scaling system for traders with larger operations.

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17. Interserver


Interserver is a vps provider with years of experience and track record in the industry for providing a great quality product. They offer Windows VPS that can be used to run MT4 and all other trading platforms.

The only drawback is Interserver isn’t specifically designed for the forex industry and the vps’s aren’t designed for the use of traders. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice but the latency won’t be optimal for high frequency traders! 

18. Exabytes


Exabytes offer a vps for forex traders looking for extremely low latency and instant connection to the markets. The VPS comes with pre-installed MT4 and MT5, 24/7 support and a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

Exabytes has data centres all around the world and provides a high quality service to traders around the world. I’d highly recommend checking the company out if you’re on the hunt for a forex vps! 

19. New York City Servers


NYC Servers provide a high quality forex vps starting at just $25 per month. The vps is completely customisable and comes with daily backups, 100% uptime, low latency, no contracts and an autostart feature which is extremely useful for robot traders.

NYC Servers have a great reputation in the industry and it’s clear to see why, when they are providing such a high quality service. 



FxVPSPro offers forex vps’ starting at just $7.99 per month. The vps is setup within 5 minutes, the company has award winning support and with data centres in all financial hubs around the world you will have access to the lowest latency in the market.

With over 3500 customers and 100% guaranteed uptime, it’s no wonder that FxVPSPro has great reviews! 

21. FxHoster


FxHoster offers a forex vps starting at just $2.99 per month! With low latency and a guaranteed 100% up time, it’s clear to see why the company has such great Trustpilot reviews!

FxHoster is perfect for beginner traders or forex traders with fairly small setups looking for a great connection to the markets.  

22. VPS Forex Malaysia


VPS Forex Malaysia has over 10,000 happy customers using their 100% guaranteed uptime service. They have data centres all around the world leading to some of the lowest latency I have ever seen!

The VPS Forex Malaysia vps comes with enhanced security, universal remote access, unlimited user logins and multiple device access. 

23. Digital Forex


Digital Forex offers forex vps’ designed for traders. The vps comes with low latency starting at just $1 for a 7 day trial to test the service! The vps comes with 24/7 support, powerful hardware, no limits on trading and high levels of security! 

24. Forex EA VPS


Forex EA VPS is a service for forex traders specifically catered to running multiple EA’s and keeping the trading conditions optimal. With over 2000 customers in the last 10 years, the vps comes with powerful servers, 7 data centres, low latency, friendly support and MetaTrader installation support.

Forex EA VPS is definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a vps for your automated trading! 

25. NeoServer


NeoServer provides a forex vps for traders looking for great trading conditions and low latency. The benefit of using NeoServer is the fact that you can completely customise the size of the vps and the specifications you need for your trading! 

26. VPS Server


VPS Server servers over 50,000 users around the world. With over 15+ data centre locations, no downtime and 24/7 support it’s easy to see how the company has such a great reputation! The only drawback is that VPS Server isn’t specifically designed for forex traders.

Regardless, it’s worth having a look at our full review of VPS ServerOpens in a new tab.

27. MonoVM


MonoVM have over 50,000 customers and provide a vps for forex traders. The vps starts at $42 per month, so definitely not the cheapest in the industry but they do provide great conditions, low latency, fast setup and even a money back guarantee! 

28. Simply Hosting VPS


Simply Hosting offers a VPS server that is popular with traders around the world. Sadly, the service isn’t specifically made for forex traders which leads to not having the best/most optimised trading conditions.

They do offer high spec VPS’s and have very quick setup processes, however, certainly not the best reviews. Click here for the full review of Simply hostingOpens in a new tab.

29. OVH Cloud Hosting


OVH Cloud is a hosting company that offer a vps tailored for the needs of forex traders. One of the best features of this vps is the fact it’s completely scaleable. As your trading operation grows, it’s very easy to add more resources to the package and keep running smoothly.

OVH Cloud aren’t the cheapest in the industry but they do have data centres around the world and provide a high level service, so it could be a great option! 

30. RouterHosting Forex VPS


RouterHosting offers a VPS service that can be used by forex traders around the world. The vps comes with simple payment plans, unlimited trading platforms and RDP access. The only issue is the lack of positive reviews online, but it’s a forex vps to keep your eyes on over the next few months!

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