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Having instant access to the forex markets, reliable up time and low latency is crucial to being a consistently profitable trader. Old computers and slow wifi costs forex traders millions per year in lost opportunities and mismanaged trades.

With the high liquidity rates of the forex market, it’s more important than ever to have the best connection on your side. This is where a forex VPS will come into play…

There are many VPS services out there offering solutions to your problems which definitely makes it harder to make a decision.

This article will offer a full review on TradingFXVPS so you can make a decision about where to achieve optimal connectivity, detailing the pros, the cons and everything in between about this website.

Let’s take a look at how this compares to some of the best forex vpsOpens in a new tab.

What is TradingFXVPS?

TradingFXVPSOpens in a new tab.

Their company provides a forex dedicated server which is perfect for traders as the company has paid attention to the specific details that traders need to get the best out of their career. Their team is well versed and trained in computer networking knowledge which gives you the best service out there – this is extremely important for traders and I wouldn’t advise using any of the leading vps providersOpens in a new tab.

TradingFXVPS Features

There are a several different features coming with TradingFXVPS that we wanted to mention in this article that we think makes it stand out from other VPS services like ForexVPSOpens in a new tab.

1. Ultra low latency

Low latency is essential to any VPS service. As a trader you want to know what you can achieve fast market execution orders without any worry of lagging or delays. TradingFXVPS offers super low latency and ensures traders can experience internet that is not only reliable but fast too. This makes a huge difference for scalpers and high frequency traders, as every single pip matters!

2. Forex Dedicated Server

The company comes with a dedicated server to forex available to purchase. Whilst there will be more details on this plan later in the article, we wanted to note it as a key feature of the VPS service as it means that you know as a trader that the company is tailored to suit the needs of the forex market. This is much more suited than just using a generic vps service as they don’t always have the fast connection speeds needed to run MT4 platforms.

3. Key Financial Locations

The company focuses on delivering low latency to data centres, financial networks, and critical services across several major big cities including New York, USA, London, UK, and Amsterdam, NE. This means you can access a dedicated server in the places that need it the most, near your trading broker. This is very important as it leads to low latency, fast connection and usually higher uptime.

4. 100% Uptime

TradingFXVPS can offer traders 100% uptime which gives you the peace of mind knowing that your internet access won’t let you down or leave you with an unreliable internet connection. Any down time on a VPS can cost traders a huge amount of money. Not only that, the headache of having to restart all trading bots is very time consuming. The guaranteed uptime is great!

Overall there seems to be a good range of features that are helping TradingFXVPSOpens in a new tab.

5. Different VPS’s For Different Trading Styles

I have never seen a forex vps company offering tailored plans and servers for different kinds of traders. For example, swing traders and high frequency traders have much different requirements from a VPS. TradingFXVPS offer different VPS’s for all kinds of traders, which I think it absolutely brilliant! Not even the industry leaders like ForexVPSOpens in a new tab.

What are the Plans and Pricing?

There are a few different plans that TradingFXVPS have to offer traders, so let’s dive into a little more detail with them and compare them to some of the other forex vps companies…

Forex VPS Plan

Firstly, there are different forex VPS plans designed to offer servers specifically customised to traders. Three plans range in price from $25 a month to $90 a month, which are overall fairly cheap prices but also mean that there is a plan available to you whether your budget is lower or you’re able to spend a bit more.

The advanced VPS plan (the middle of the three plans, at $45 a month) would probably be the one we recommend to most traders. It comes with a 2 Core Intel, 4 GB of RAM and is available with unlimited traffic. All plans come with Hyper V virtualisation.

Forex Dedicated Server

There is then, of course, their dedicated forex servers, available in four different plans depending on where you need your server to be. This ranges from New York, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. All dedicated servers are $199 per month.

All come with a Quad Core Intel Turbo Series 4.00GHz+. 16GB of RAM, 2x 256GB of SSD storage and free DDoS Protection. The forex dedicated servers are designed with the technology that allows for the best performance when it comes to forex trading, so if you’re able to spend the money and are perhaps a more experienced forex trader, this might be the option for you.

VPS Futures Hosting

TradingFXVPS offers plans which are perfect for traders working with platforms such as Rithmic for the provision of high performance VPS futures hosting. Plans range from Basic ($40/month) to Dedicated ($350/month) which are obviously perfect for traders using futures. Each plan offers different Cores, GB and SSD Storage which go up depending on how expensive the plan is.

High Frequency Trading Forex VPS

The HFT forex VPS is designed to power high frequency trading platforms. All plans include 3.5+ GHz processors that are needed to power applications that require the fastest possible single dual and quad-core performance. Plans start from $45 per month for the Standard plans, with 1 Core, 2GB of RAM and 30 GB NVMe Disk. Their most advanced plan is priced at $350 per month for a Dedicated Server with a Quad/Hexa/Octa Core (Intel Series), 32GB of RAM and 256GB NVMe.

TradingFXVPS Customer Service

Great customer service, in our opinion, is essential to a company. It’s important to know that you’re able to easily get in touch with the company should you need them if something goes wrong. There’s nothing worse than having issues with a VPS and not being able to get advice or someone to sort them out for you. Luckily, TradingFXVPS offers a 24/7 Live Chat which we always deem a good customer support feature to have on a website so that you can contact someone quickly and easily. You can also get in touch with the company by going to the ‘Contact Us’ page and filling in a form with your name, email and description of why you need help.

TradingFXVPS have a huge amount of videos on their YouTube channelOpens in a new tab.

TradingFXVPS Reviews- What Are Other Traders Saying?

Let’s have a further look into what other traders are saying about TradingFXVPS and whether they like the company or not. Using a website like TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.

In particular, traders have praised the excellent service that comes with TradingFXVPS, the reasonable prices and the fact that 2 months comes free if you pay upfront. The company also has a 5 star rating on ForexPeaceArmyOpens in a new tab.

In Summary- Is TradingFXVPS The Best VPS For Traders?

In summary we would have to recommend TradingFXVPS as a VPS server for traders! Not only do they offer reasonable prices and a great customer support team, their company really is dedicated to traders.

All plans come specifically considered with traders in mind, meaning that if you go to TradingFXVPS you’ll be receiving the best quality service designed to optimise trading conditions. All in all, with ultra low latency and 100% uptime TradingFXVPS is an excellent option to consider when purchasing a VPS and this is fully supported by traders around the world.

I would HIGHLY recommend TradingFXVPS as one of the best forex vps services in the industry!

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