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There are thousands of forex courses, educators and mentors out there looking to take money out of our hands in exchange for teaching us the craft of forex trading. With so many new players in the space, it’s created a huge amount of opportunities for budding forex traders but also a huge amount of opportunities for scammers looking to sell us repackaged content for a high price, without ever trading profitably themselves.

In this article we are going to be taking a look at Transparent Fx, a forex education service ran by trader Niccolo Testa, a very well known figure in the online retail trading community. Is this company legit? Is this the right education for you? Let’s find out now…

Who Are Transparent Fx?

Transparent Fx is a trading education service that teaches a range of rule based trading strategies to retail traders all around the world. They claim to have students in over 100 countries and over 2800 students have now passed their training academy – impressive!

The company, trading as TFX Education LTD is ran in Malta by a fairly well known figure in the space called Niccolo Testa. Niccolo appears in all of the free and paid training videos, preaching transparency and brings an air of trustworthiness that a lot of forex mentors really don’t have.

They, unlike some other companies, guarantee no profits at all and preach the fact this is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact, far from it. This is really great to see from TFX as we know by now that all get rich quick schemes are usually a scam. This may contribute to how the company has managed to become one of the best forex trading courses in 2021.Opens in a new tab.

Now we have a brief introduction to who is running this show, let’s see what Transparent Fx is trying to sell us and what kind of value we can get out of this company…

What Does Transparent Fx Offer?

It’s important to actually consider what you’re getting for your money when buying forex courses. It can be really easy to jump from course to course, mentor to mentor over the space of a few years and before you know it you’ve spent £20,000 on garbage courses and still not making profits trading! With that being said, let’s see what’s on offer here…


This is what we are here for – the education and trading strategies being taught! Most mentors will teach the basics of trading and no actual trading strategies, which usually leaves the student clueless and still not profitable. However, Transparent Fx actually teaches 3 trading strategies that are completely rule based, for you to implement in your trading!

You’ll be getting access to a huge amount of education that will be beneficial for any traders around the world. This includes:

  • 3 RULE BASED trading strategies (some of the best strategies in the industry)
  • Risk management training
  • Reading the market training
  • Finding market direction training
  • How to take swing trades
  • Cheat sheets
  • Backtesting
  • COT analysis

And much more with more content being uploaded every single day! In terms of value for money, it’s definitely here and the strategies alone will be worth the price tag if they’re able to make you consistent profits. Instead of spending the next 2 years backtesting to find your own trading strategies, implementing someone else’s is always a potentially faster way to reach profitability.

I don’t see any other forex trading coursesOpens in a new tab.

Market Breakdowns

After signing up, you’ll have access to constant market breakdowns that are focusing on trades, using the strategies taught in the course, with a minimum risk to reward of 1:3. Although Niccolo posts a lot of market breakdowns on his YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab.

Each and every day you’ll get market breakdowns which look at setups forming, stop losses, take profits, analysis and in-depth market sentiment coverage. If the strategies being taught are consistently profitable then this is absolutely ideal! You’ll be able to have eyes on the charts 24/5 without having to spend all day at the computer screens, in theory!

Account Funding

Transparent Fx offers account funding to students that are able to prove profitability over 6 months of live trading, using the strategies taught in the mentorship program. This will range from a minimum of £25,000, scaling up to £250,000 and you’ll receive a profit split of 50%-80%.

I actually reached out to Nicollo, the owner, about the funding as I couldn’t find too much information. It transpires that they don’t actually offer any funding – they sponsor traders to go on and get funded from the top forex prop firmsOpens in a new tab.

I personally think this is a great idea and I love the fact that Niccolo isn’t actually offering funding, he’s just purchasing challenges and funding for traders! I don’t see any of the other forex trading coursesOpens in a new tab.

If getting funded is something of interest to you, I’d highly recommend checking out our Best Forex Prop Firms ListOpens in a new tab.

Transparent Fx Pricing Structure

Transparent FxOpens in a new tab.

And much more! Hypothetically speaking, if the strategies and mentorship being offered for $800 could make you a profitable trader within a year or so, you could then go on to getting funding and scale up your trading accounts very quickly. TFX actually offers a funding account program but I’d definitely advise using one of the Best Forex Prop FirmsOpens in a new tab.

Transparent Fx YouTube

I actually found out about this company through their rapidly growing YouTube channelOpens in a new tab.

Niccolo breaks down forex trades and general analysis pretty much daily, which again is a great use to traders looking to start learning how to break down the markets without having to buy an expensive course. There’s nothing ground breaking in these videos, but it’s a start! I’d say this level of teaching is just above the kind of content you’d find on BabypipsOpens in a new tab.

Transparent Fx Tradingview

Niccolo has a fairly well respected TradingViewOpens in a new tab.

I really like the fact that Transparent Fx have a very good reputation on Tradingview and constantly shares trade ideas – I don’t think any of the other top forex coursesOpens in a new tab.

Transparent Fx Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a long while you’ll know that we ALWAYS check the opinions of other traders before signing up with any kind of forex brokerOpens in a new tab.

By looking at TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.

I would definitely feel free to have a read of the Trustpilot reviews hereOpens in a new tab.

In Summary – Is Transparent Fx Legit?

In conclusion, Transparent Fx is a legitimate forex education service offering mentorship, support and 3 objective trading strategies to traders. With a focus on high quality setups, COT data and risk management it’s clear to see why over 500 traders are absolutely loving the content being put out by Niccolo, both for free and in the course. I personally think Transparent Fx is one of the best forex courses in the industryOpens in a new tab.

The selling point for me is the fact you are buying actual strategies, rather than basic knowledge then being told to find your own strategy, which frankly is useless.

I’d recommend checking out TFX’s free content on TradingviewOpens in a new tab.

If you have any experience with the company please do let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear how the strategies are working for you.

Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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