Guerrilla Trading Review – Is It Just Another Scam?

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With so many forex trading education services, communities and even scams out there, it can be so hard trying to figure out where to actually learn how to trade the markets. New forex mentors seem to pop up out of the woodwork every few weeks, making our job even harder!

In this article we are going to take an in-depth look into Guerrilla Trading, a forex education community that has really burst to fame over the last few months due to a fair few of their members passing FTMO challengesOpens in a new tab.. Is this the mentor for you? Let’s find out…

Who Are Guerrilla Trading?

Guerrilla TradingOpens in a new tab. is a forex educator, based in London, started in 2019. The company is run by Joshua Bunker and Dave Jason. Dave has been trading since 2019 apparently, where he managed to very quickly pick up consistency after meeting Joshua and learning his skillset. On the other hand, Joshua has been trading forex since 2007 where he had a scalping system. His systems have since been developed into the ‘Bomb’ and ‘Bullet’ strategies being sold and taught by the two today.

Guerrilla Trading has over 3000 students enrolled and gets hundreds of people on the website everyday looking at their free resources and forex course. As far as I’m aware, the company really blew up when a few of their traders got FTMO fundingOpens in a new tab. for their consistent returns – making them one of the most popular forex trading courses in 2021Opens in a new tab..

With that being said, is this the education for you, or just another scam? Let’s find out now…

What Does Guerrilla Trading Offer?

Many educators and forex mentors offer extremely basic, BabypipsOpens in a new tab. level beginner content for a very high price tag. This can lead to a lot of traders feeling scammed, losing their accounts, losing complete faith in the industry and packing up shop. We of course don’t want this to happen, so let’s take a look at what Guerrilla Trading is actually offering us…


For the £95 per month price tag, you will get a fairly large amount of education passed your way. This will include a whole range of things that could be beneficial to helping you learn the consistently trade the markets including:

  • The foundation series
  • Weekly forecasts
  • Bullet and Bomb strategies (highly praised by students)
  • Risk management strategies
  • Hyper learning
  • Daily forecasts
  • Community backtesting

And much more! The education being sold is suitable for any level of forex trader, from complete novice to fairly experienced. The offering is very complete and you’re going to potentially be able to get to a consistently profitable level much faster than with some of the other courses out there like RockzFxOpens in a new tab., for instance.


Guerrilla Trading offers constant calls and market updates live from the mentors/founders Joshua and Dave. The forecasts and live recaps offered by the mentors seems extremely valuable to beginner traders looking to grow their skillset and potentially get to the stage of being consistently profitable utilising the strategies being taught.

The website states that the coaching/mentoring team has over 25 years experience in the markets, so the expertise they could offer may really decrease your learning time.


When reading what other traders thought about this company, community seems to come up over and over again. They have a very helpful community all around the world, which is lovely considering forex trading is usually very lonely for retail traders.

There is weekly meet ups, calls and other activities that many members in the community are getting involved with. I personally really like the community feel as I’ve been a retail trader for 5 years now, I know how lonely and lost you can feel when you’re in a period of fairly heavy drawdown. Some of the other industry leading forex coursesOpens in a new tab. don’t offer such a community feel – so definitely take advantage of it!

FTMO Affiliation

I only actually heard about this company through a YouTube video, as shown below, where a trader took a huge $18,000 FTMO withdrawalOpens in a new tab. after learning to trade the system taught at Guerrilla. If you’re unfamiliar with FTMOOpens in a new tab., I would highly recommend reading my full in-depth article hereOpens in a new tab., but essentially it’s the highest rated prop firm on our Best Prop Firms ListOpens in a new tab..

According to the companies website, they are now affiliates of FTMO and I have seen on their social medias, including Joshuas InstagramOpens in a new tab., that a huge amount of their traders are passing the FTMO Challenges are getting $200,000 in funding.Opens in a new tab.

It’s a really good sign, to see so many of their traders getting funded with their trading strategies! I would recommend perhaps trying one of the instant funding routes like DT4X TraderOpens in a new tab. to start perfecting your craft and get funded!

Guerrilla Trading Pricing Structure

When we are looking at various different forex education platforms or coaches, it’s extremely important to bare the price in mind. It’s very unlikely to succeed with any kind of education as a student in forex, due to the nature of the industry, the markets always evolving and huge psychological factors that come into play. With that being said, we cannot be spending a huge amount of money on forex education, that might not even pay off.

Guerilla Trading has what I would call a ‘middle of a road’ price point. They certainly aren’t cheap, setting you back nearly £100 per month, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not too bad. Compared to other programs like Masterclass by IrekOpens in a new tab., which make you pay upfront with a huge fee, the monthly fee is a lot less of a dent to the bank balance in my opinion.

I’m a big believer in the fact that you can learn the fundamentals of forex trading for free from the resources on YouTubeOpens in a new tab. and BabypipsOpens in a new tab., but subscribing to this service for a few months to see what is being offered certainly isn’t the worst idea!

Regardless, know that the price of this course compared to most of the top forex coursesOpens in a new tab. is very affordable and competitive – you won’t find a course for much cheaper!

Guerrilla Trading Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

With literally hundreds of scammers out there trying to sell basic support and resistance education for a high ticket, we rely heavily on reviews from other traders to see if a mentor is the real deal or just another scammer.

This company claims to have over 3000 active members, meaning that we should be able to find a nice amount of reviews to work with!

On TrustpilotOpens in a new tab. we can see that with a total of over 200 reviews, Guerrilla Trading is clocking in at Excellent, with 85% positive reviews! This is brilliant to see and really shows the strength of the community. You won’t often see a education scam getting these kind of numbers on TrustpilotOpens in a new tab. or ForexPeaceArmy.Opens in a new tab.

As you can see, traders are very happy with what’s being offered. The few negative comments I’m finding are more about the price point, saying how they would think the price should be sitting closer to £50 per month for the value that’s being offered. This is an interesting point but considering the price point of the majority of forex trading coursesOpens in a new tab., I think the price is very fair and reasonable in my opinion.

In Summary – Is Guerrilla Trading A Scam?

In summary, Guerrilla Trading is a legitimate company offering forex education to beginner traders. They have a huge amount of positive reviews and a lot of their traders appear to be getting far in the FTMO challengeOpens in a new tab. – which says a lot for their teaching!

On the flip side, the teaching is nothing groundbreaking at all, it’s certainly techniques that are easily accessible online for free, just compiled in one easy to follow place.

If you’re looking to have a streamlined forex education then I would definitely recommend trying out Guerrilla Trading for a few months and seeing what you think of the content. If you’re trying to learn on a budget, I would definitely say that there’s enough basic content out there to learn all of this for free, if you’re happy to go hunting around for it!

The owners seem completely transparent and although I cannot find any track record, the traders passing the FTMO challengeOpens in a new tab. will be enough of a track record to prove the system, in my opinion anyway. If you’re still on the fence, have a shop around at some of the other industry leading forex coursesOpens in a new tab. to see what else is on offer.

If you have any experience learning from Guerrilla Trading please drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your experience with the coaching.

Kyle Townsend

I've been trading forex full-time since 2016. Over the last few years I have tried and tested all of the most popular forex brokers after being scammed by an unregulated broker back in 2017. I post my reviews to help others stay away from potentially high risk brokers!

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