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  • 100% UPTIME
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Whether you’re a manual trader, funded trader or automated trader, having reliable access to the markets with low latency is crucial to all traders.

Very few retail traders have direct market access and industry leading latency, meaning you’re already playing at a disadvantage to the institutions and larger traders with better tools at their disposal.

This is where having a dedicated forex vpsOpens in a new tab.

In this article we are going to look at FX VPS ProOpens in a new tab.

Who Are FX VPS Pro?

FX VPS Pro is a vps provider dedicated to providing the best possible conditions to forex traders, giving us all an edge in the markets. They offer support for all brokers, MT4 and MT5, 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support, making them one of the best options for traders looking for a vps!

You maybe wondering, why do you need a vps for your trading?

There are 3 main reasons you’ll want to be using a VPS:

  1. For trading on a Mac. You cannot install MT4 easily on a Mac, so purchasing a VPS and logging into it from your Mac is the easiest option you’ve got.
  2. For trading EA’s. You cannot run EA’s constantly on your computer as it’ll turn off, you’ll experience downtime and a loss in earnings/mismanagement of trades.
  3. For getting the best possible trading conditions. By using a VPS you can ensure you have the lowest possible latency and best connection to the markets.

So, let’s take a look at the features FX VPS Pro offers traders…

FX VPS Pro Features

There are some really strong features offered by FX VPS Pro that set it apart from other offerings within the industry…

1. Ultra Fast Servers

I’m not technically minded or experienced enough to understand how they can provide such a faster server experience but when I’m remoting in, there is no lag at all and it feels like I am just using the windows server locally, which is exactly what you want as a trader!

2. Low Latency

With data centres located in all business capitals of the world, the latency is absolutely tiny. This makes a huge difference to scalpers, HFT’s and automated traders.

It’s worth touching on the fact that you can set your VPS server location to be in the same location as your brokerage, to ensure even faster connection and lower latency.

3. Uptime Guarantee

Many companies offer some kind of uptime but not 100% – that’s why it’s such a USP. I’m not technically minded enough to understand how they can offer this but as a customer, I can confirm that in the last few years I haven’t experienced any downtime at all.

This makes a huge difference to automated traders!

4. Secure & Updated

The company take security seriously and back up all servers to ensure your data is intact in case the worst should happen. The chances are you wouldn’t even notice anything had happened!

In the years we have been using their servers, we’ve never had a disruption to service.

5. Optimised For MetaTrader

The server you’ll be using is optimised for MetaTrader, both 4 and 5, which is great as the large majority of retail traders trade on MT4.

It’s worth saying that you’ll still be able to download and install other trading platforms if needed. For example, we installed cTrader on ours as that’s what we like to use for tick trading!

FX VPS Pro Plans & Pricing

When it comes to price point, you aren’t going to find much cheaper than this for a solid forex tailored VPS.

The regular package comes in at $3 per month, which is insanely cheap! This obviously isn’t the highest spec and for traders with multiple bots running full time, you’d want to consider one of the more advanced packages. However, for traders with just one bot running or manual trading, this would be perfect!

The latency optimised package comes in at $12.90 per month, which is still much cheaper than other offerings in the industry. With this package, you can get the server placed as close to your brokers location as possible, meaning your latency will be tiny and you’ll have the best trading conditions possible!

For serious traders or traders with multiple EA’s running, I’d recommend the exclusive VPS package. Coming in at $19.90, this is still much cheaper than equivalent offerings in the industry with 6+ core CPU and a lot of power behind you!

In short, you aren’t going to find a reliable vps for much cheaper than this! Not that we have cancelled our subscription but it’s worth mentioning that you’re able to cancel at any time, with no lock in period.

FX VPS Pro Customer Support & Setup

For traders with a lot of capital on the line, or a lack of technical knowledge, customer support from a VPS provider is incredibly important and something we value massively.

FX VPS Pro have industry leading customer support, which we soon learned. It’s rare that we’ve needed to talk to them about our server but we had a reply within 2 hours with the solution, which was great!

You’ve got 2 options, either a live chat functionality or an email support option.

Personally, I didn’t want to sit on live chat typing away so I opted for the email support option – which I would recommend if you’re needing a more thorough support.

Perhaps live chat may be a better option for purchasing queries, rather than technical support.

With all of that being said, once you’re setup with trading platforms live, there is usually very little you’ll need from a vps supplier as it’s just business as usual from then on!

FX VPS Pro Reviews – What Do Traders Think?

If you’ve read any of our previous forex vps reviewsOpens in a new tab.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all!

FX VPS Pro has a great deal of reviews online, weighing in at an average of 4/5 stars – which is great to see. As shown above, they’re ranked on SiteJabberOpens in a new tab.

As shown by Moga and Meraz’s reviews here, the pricing seems to be a great selling point for traders. From our side, we completely agree that the price point is very cheap and it makes it easy for traders with small capital to also have access to great trading conditions.

On WebsitePlanetOpens in a new tab.

As far as the reviews go, we’re happy! Although there aren’t a great number of reviews, it’s hard to find very many reviews on any kind of forex vps as most traders don’t leave reviews – of course.

In Conclusion – Is FX VPS Pro The Best VPS For Traders?

In summary, we’d certainly recommend using FX VPS Pro if you’re a trader looking for a VPS to level up your trading or scale your EA portfolio!

We’d be very curious to hear the experience of other traders so if you have any questions, feedback or an experience with the company, please do contact us so we can get that added to this review!

It’s worth noting that this review will be routinely amended and updated to provide the most up to date reflection of the offering!

Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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