The History Of Forex Broker Report

Forex Broker Report was originally started over 10 years ago to provide forex trading news, insights and guidance to traders around the world. 

In 2020, the site was acquired by our team and we’ve spent the last few years turning Forex Broker Report into a full resource for traders looking to grow their skills, enhance trading strategies and obtain prop firm funding! 

As the prop firm market expanded, so did we, with prop firms all over the world looking to work with us and offer us the opportunity to get funded in order to rank their offerings. 

Since then, we’ve been moving from strength to strength, growing our team and increasing our breathe of content across the industry. 

About The Founder

I am a forex trader. 

Over the last 5 to 6 years, I have been trading either full time or part time, primarily within the forex trading markets. 

My journey has been a fairly complicated one and one that has had a huge amount of ups and downs. 

I’ll start by saying that forex certainly isn’t the dream that you’re being sold on Instagram! I was working in marketing at a software house when I stumbled into forex trading. 

I did the usual… Buying signals and being scammed. This only spurred me on to learning the art of trading for myself. 

Fast forward 2 years of failing, trying every course under the sun and changing strategies every 2 weeks, it finally clicked. I ended up trading a very simple strategy on the higher time frames. The strategy was primarily based on technical analysis, combined with simple fundamentals. 

I now had a new problem… The trading opportunities were slow. I was a profitable trader but I didn’t have the capital to justify trading full time. 

At this point, I hadn’t even come across forex prop firms. I was actually emailing my MyFxBook link to potential investors, looking for any kind of investment I could get. Sadly, nothing worked…

At this point, it made sense to dip back into marketing alongside my trading efforts. 

As my marketing career really took off, my trading took a bit of a backseat and my monthly returns weren’t looking like anything worth writing home about! 

This was until I discovered prop firms. This was crazy to me at the time – the fact a company would trust me with their capital! (It turns out that most firms are offering demo accounts but I still didn’t care!)

Fast forward to now, I’m still dabbling in a few different sectors, primarily my career in marketing – alongside trading my swing trading strategies within the forex market. 

What Are We Looking To Achieve?

When it comes to our mission statement, it’s simple. The retail forex trading sector is largely unregulated. 

We are striving to provide a safe, unbiased dataset of the worlds leading prop firms. 

In 2023, there seems to be a new forex funding option popping up each and every week (most of them getting in contact to work together!). Although this prospect excites us and it’s great to see the new opportunities for traders, this also invites a lot of unwanted guests into our industry! 

Our mission for now and for the future is to keep the prop firm space as safe as possible for retail traders by doing our bit, testing and researching and providing unsponsored content highlighting all pros and cons. 

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