Find The Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels In 2023

Learning to trade forex no longer has to be through a paid mentorship program. There are hundreds of YouTube channels offering free educational content for beginners and advanced forex traders to enjoy. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most useful forex trading YouTube channels.  

1. Michael Bamber

Michael Bamber has been someone I have personally followed for many years, since the start of his forex trading journey. Michael has broadcast the realities of being a forex trader and through trial and error, he has finally become an FTMO funded trader, trading smart money concepts. There is a HUGE amount of value in Michaels weekly videos and I’d highly recommend diving into his content head first. 

2. Mack Gray

I’ve only recently discovered Mack Gray’s content but it’s safe to say that I have never seen such detailed content! Mack, with no ego at all, breaks down the markets and smart money concepts that you can use to net a huge risk to reward within the markets. The trading styles taught are advanced, much more advanced than the standard price action that beginners are typically taught – so I would hold off on submerging yourself in Macks content until you have a few months under your belt. 

3. Hannah Forex

Hannah Forex is a great forex trading channel for newbies, showcasing her price action based trading styles. Hannah has moved from trading a Falcon Fx trading style, to a Guerrilla Trading style. She is now funded with $100,000 of trading capital and has a lot of valuable lessons to learn from! 

4. Trading Rush

Trading Rush is one of the best forex trading Youtube channels and has a huge amount of value for newbie traders and EA traders. The concept of the channel is to test each indicator 100 times, in different ways, to get a gauge of the success of the indicator. The channel has discovered countless profitable trading strategies and documented them all! 

5. Trading Nick

Trading Nick has been around in the industry for a long time, posting his forex price action trading videos. Nick trades very basic price action strategies, which would be very useful to a beginner trader! He also has a verified MyFxBook track record, so you know that you’re learning from a profitable forex trader!

6. The Trading Channel

The Trading Channel is great for beginner traders looking for very simple, Babypips style breakdowns. They post candlestick patterns, trading strategies and risk management strategies to help newbie traders on their journey! The channel is definitely worth checking out if you’re new to the industry! 

7. Nick Shawn

Nick Shawn is known for 3 things as far as I can tell. Taking great trades, having a Tesla and being bald. Jokes aside, Nick posts live trades, using very simple price action techniques and he has a huge amount of value for beginner traders looking to learn simple concepts. His channel is definitely worth subscribing to, if this is how you’re interested in trading. 

8. The Inner Circle Trader (ICT)

ICT has been around in the forex industry for the last 10 years and has always been shrouded in mystery. A lot of what is being taught on this channel is closely linked to Smart Money Concepts, but with a huge amount more detail. There is a lot of controversy regarding the strategies taught – but I still highly recommend having a look for yourself! 

9. Trading Nut

Trading Nut is a great platform for forex traders to come on, share their experiences and trading strategies. The videos are done in almost an interview kind of style but the value for newbie traders is huge! If you’re looking for inspiration, to hear from experienced traders or even just for trading strategy ideas, I’d highly recommend tuning in. 

10. WicksDontLie

Rakeel or WicksDontLie (the owner of Market Fluidity) has a very popular channel, posting daily live streams trading the New York session. WDL has a huge community of intraday forex traders that are all focusing on trading the same setups. I’d highly recommend swinging by one of the daily livestreams to learn some basic price action and trading strategies!

11. KB Trading

Sam, from KB Trading, posts a lot of useful content for beginners forex traders. In terms of the style of content, I’d say that it’s more inspirational than educational, with many day in the life videos and not too many live trades being shown. Regardless, there is still a huge amount of value and I’d recommend all new traders taking a look!

12. Trade Pro

Trade Pro is very similar to Trading Rush. The idea of the channel is to test a trading strategy 100+ times, to gauge the win rate and profitability. There is a huge amount of value in the channel as they share countless profitable trading strategies for newbie traders! This is also great for algorithmic traders as the trading strategies tested are completely objective. 

13. Trading With Bilz

Trading With Bilz is a relatively new forex trading channel that provides a huge amount of value for traders. They focus on the ‘Smart Money Concepts’ style of trading, with very in-depth analysis, looking at what they perceive to be how banks and financial institutions are trading. The content is far too advanced for a brand new trader, but if you have a few months or years under your belt – this is one for you!

14. FxDanielSavage

Daniel Savage is a very well known forex trader, known for his big personality and being FTMO funded. He posts frequent videos breaking down his live trades, using basic price action trading strategies. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Daniel’s trading strategies, risk management or flexing lifestyle, there is still value there to be taken for brand new forex traders trying to learn the ropes!