4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders

Swing trading, the art of taking extremely large, longer term moves is by far the best way to trade volatile markets like the currency market. With that being said, the drawback of swing trading is that you really do need a lot of trading capital to make it worth while as the frequency of trades taken is extremely low compared to day traders or scalpers. This is where funding comes in…

Many prop firms had no offerings for swing traders, until now! 

In this article we are going to look at the 4 best options for a swing trader to take on capital from a forex prop firm and scale their trading career right now! Let’s get into it…

Finding Prop Firm Funding As A Swing Trading

1. Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm are a highly rated prop firm offering initial funding of up to $1,000,000 with a 75% profit split.

They offer an amazing scaling program up to $10M, with multiple industry-leading features such as their unique offering to trade on TradingView’s charts, large selection of CFD’s, 500 Crypto’s, 12,000 Stocks, Elite Packages, and no time limits make it the perfect funding option!

Lux Trading is one of the few online prop firms offering real trading capital, and trading with a regulated A-book broker! Click here for my full Lux Trading Firm review now!

2. The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader was launched in June 2021 and offers traders funding of up to $1,500,000 with a 90% profit split!

The company offers a one step $100,000 challenge, and two step challenges with initial funding of up to $400,000! The company has recently released the largest payout in the industry to date, of $120,000 in one month!

1. The Funded Trader


MyFundedFx is a relatively new prop firm in the grand scheme of things but they’re taking the industry by storm and providing some great funded account options for traders. 

With high leverage, funding up to $300,000 per account, relaxed trading rules are no time durations on challenges, it’s clear to see why they have such positive reviews on TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.

MyFundedFx offer: 

Clearly, a great offering for swing traders. If you’re considering this prop firm, have a read of our full MyFundedFx review to see if they might be the best prop firm for you! 



In Conclusion

In summary, there are certainly some really good options for swing traders looking to take on additional capital.

Taking on further funding is actually more essential for swing traders than any other style of trader due to the fact swing traders and position traders have such a lower frequency, they need to be trading higher levels of capital to scale up their career.

There are always new options for swing traders coming into the market as a lot of the traditional prop firms are dropping the whole ‘no weekend holding’ rules, so keep an eye on our Top Prop Firms ListOpens in a new tab.

If you have used any of these firms, or even any others to take on additional forex trading capital please do let me know in the comments down below, I’m curious as to which firm you’ve used!

Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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