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If you’re a forex trader, you’ll know that access to the markets using fast, reliable internet is imperative. There’s nothing worse than experiencing connectivity issues whilst try to execute market orders and slow wifi can cost traders millions a year in lost opportunities due to a lack of decent internet connection. If you’re someone who might be struggling with this, you might be looking at purchasing a VPS to get you back on track with your trading.

In this review we’re going to be putting FxSVPS to the test and giving traders an insight into whether it’s worth considering this company as your next VPS provider. We’ll be having a look at the pros, the Cons, and what their company can offer forex traders. So, read on to find out all about FxSVPS!

What is FxSVPS?

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FxSVPS Features

Here I’ve listed a few key features of FxSVPSOpens in a new tab.

1. Ultra-low latency

Imperative to a VPS server, FxSVPS offer extremely low latency to ensure that you know your market orders will be executed exactly when you want them to be. As a trader, latency can be the difference between achieving or missing those vital trades. With FxSVPS, you know that latency will be as low as possible.

2. 99.99% Uptime

There’s nothing worse than battling the internet as it goes down and with forex trading you want to know that uptime is the maximum it can be. The company are offering an extremely high 99.99% of uptime, which means you know that you won’t be suffering from crashes or low operation.

3. Pre-Installed Platform

Once your VPS is purchased, FxSVPS are able to install RAM optimization Soft, MT4/MT5 Auto Startup Tools, Essentials Trading platform and any other software that you may want to request. It’ll save time spent installing platforms of software that you would’ve had to sort out yourself otherwise, and leaves even more time to be trading in the best environment you can be.

4. High Technology

It’s ideal to know that you’re working with a company who only uses the best technology available. FxSVPS use only XEN & VMware for their servers, which are widely known to be the best quality technology out there. Of course, with the best technology, you know you’ll be using a VPS of super high quality.

5. Ease of Use

The company boasts a stress free and easy to use system so that you won’t be left confused having to deal with a service that is unclear and stress that means it’s not even worth getting in the first place. To be paying monthly for a server, you want to know that not only is the setup as easy as it can be, but that it continues to be unproblematic. After all, VPS servers should be purchased to solve a problem rather than start any others.

What are the Plans and Pricing?

As well as offering plans for some really good prices, FxSVPS offer several plans which ensures that you’re catered to no matter what your requirements may be. The plans are available to be paid on a monthly basis and they range from options of Cheap Forex VPS, Best Forex VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Cheap Forex VPS Plans

Their cheapest plans are there to offer affordable VPS’ to traders who may have a slightly smaller budget. All three plans share a few core features, such as and Instant VPS Set Up, Full Access & Control Panel and a 1 CPU Core. Their cheapest plan starts at only $3.60 a month, a great option for those who don’t have a huge amount of funds for their VPS. It has 800GB of RAM available and 15GB of SSD. Their mid range plan is only $5.99. However, from our experience we would recommend the most ‘expensive’ plan which is $6.99 a month. It has 100% uptime guarantee and comes with more RAM (1600GB) and SSD (25GB) available to you. The price is really reasonable for both the uptime and the amount of storage you’re getting with this plan. Overall their cheap plans are ideal for those with a low budget.

Best Forex VPS Plans

Slightly more expensive than their Cheap Plans, these also have 3 different options to choose from. Their cheapest plan at this level starts at $10.99 a month for their Lite package. It comes with a 1CPU core, 2 GB RAM, and 30 GB SSD. To be honest, if you’re working with a bit more money it may be worth getting one of the pricier plans as the storage and disk space will be worth the extra spend with a higher CPU Core too. Their next level up is the Basic package at $14.99 a month and their priciest plan at this level is the Premium Package. This has a 2 CPU Core (Intel Latest), 5GB DDR4 RAM and 60GB SSD so you’re definitely getting more for your money. Between the Cheap plans and the Best ones, we would probably recommend going with one of their Best Forex Plans as it’s probably worth spending a little extra to get more out of your VPS and therefore trading potential.

Dedicated Server Plans

Finally, these plans are for those needing a dedicated server! This is ideal if you’re trading in an environment where you need the flexibility to be able to customise the plan to you, and you’re not sharing resources from your server with any other traders. In total, FxSVPSOpens in a new tab.

Overall, FxSVPS are offering a really good mixture of plans at all different prices so no matter what your requirements are, there’s probably something there for you that matches your specifications and your price range. However, if you’re looking for a company that has a slightly more simple level of plans to make things easier for you, we would recommend having a look at Cheap Forex VPS. Click hereOpens in a new tab.

FxSVPS Customer Support

Let’s have more of a look into the kind of support that FxSVPS are offering to their clients. It’s always good to know you have the support there if you need it should anything go wrong. The company offer several different means of getting in touch including a WhatsApp number, an email address and a Skype address too. They also have a FAQ page for questions that can be answered easily and use the Support Ticket system whereby you can submit a ticket explaining your issue to the relevant department, who will then provide help with the level of expertise that is required. This is great as it means you’re receiving support from someone who specialises in that area. It seems that FxSVPS are offering a really high level of support which is good to see. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get in touch with their team if something goes wrong with your VPS.

FxSVPS- What are Other Traders Saying?

If you’re familiar with our blog, for example have read some of our prop firm reviewsOpens in a new tab.

As you can see from above, the company has a Great overall rating from trustpilot.comOpens in a new tab.

Of course, it is worth noting that there is a couple of bad reviews so we’ll include one below. This customer complains that the customer service is bad quality as they hadn’t gotten back to him for a while. This seems to be in the minority of the general opinion but like we say, it’s always wroth considering.

In Summary- is FxSVPS the Best VPS for Traders?

Overall, we would definitely recommend FxSVPS as a VPS server to consider. They have a really good range of plans, at different pricing options, which means you’re not limited in what you need in terms of your trading career and having access to the highest quality internet possible. The company guarantees low latency and 99.99% uptime. Pair this with some raving reviews from other traders, and we would definitely urge you to get a VPS with this company! If you’re still stuck, and would like some more information on other VPS companies out there, go check out our Top Forex VPS ListOpens in a new tab.

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