How Michael Bigger Spotted The Ebay 2012 Highs

In 2012, Ebay saw huge growth and Michael Bigger was ahead of this curve. The thought process, analysis and lessons have huge parallels in todays markets. Using real market sentiment and consumer trends, Michael was able to stay one step ahead of the markets during an aggressive period of growth.

Wall Street Journal: Young Xander Gansman, an 11-year-old entrepreneur, made headlines as he successfully auctioned off his iPad 2 on eBay ($EBAY +2.85%) to secure funds for the latest device, back in 2012.

This occurrence has sparked intriguing thoughts. The imminent year, 2013, predicts a staggering circulation of over 100 million iPads. This copious number of devices is poised to stimulate a seismic surge in trading activities on platforms like $EBAY and $AMZN, as ardent iPad enthusiasts swap their previous models for the newer, gleaming versions. There is a notable financial avenue within these devices, and the users are poised to tap into it.

Over a weekend in March 2012, Michael embarked on a venture to assess the market liquidity of electronic gadgets. He decided to put up his son’s DSi and my own original version Galaxy Tab (7 inches) for sale on Both devices had been lying dormant as we possessed four Kindle Fires in the household. To his surprise, these items were sold within a mere 24 hours.

Considering the likely even greater liquidity of iPads, it is evident that the market potential is vast. This emerging trend holds promising prospects for digital marketplaces.

Now reverting to $EBAY, his analysis projects the following factors that could drive the company to attain an all-time high within the forthcoming two years:

  1. Flourishing iPad and other device trading. An insightful read on $EBAY’s perspective concerning this is advised.
  2. Shifting interest rates. As interest rates are bound to fluctuate from their current zero levels, PayPal stands to benefit.
  3. Enhanced marketplace offerings attracting a larger audience. Industry expert Scot Wingo’s observations on $EBAY’s comparative sales warrant attention, particularly the encouraging upward trajectory.
  4. The vigorous performance of Motors, a trend that is expected to endure.
  5. A renewed emphasis on innovation from $EBAY’s management, a shift that has become increasingly evident.
  6. PayPal’s foray into the card-reading sector, an endeavor that could contribute to the company’s dynamics.

Ultimately, this analysis rang true and there are some hugely valuable lessons in here, for both forex traders and equity traders around the world. We truly don’t see enough traders at online prop firms using these kinds of real world analysis strategies within their trading. This is fundamentally one of the reasons why most trading strategies fail, due to the lack of real world analysis and the heavy focus on technical analysis. We truly believe that this kind of analysis should be taught in more forex trading courses.


Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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