How Much Does Instaforex Cost?

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Key Takeaway:

  • InstaForex offers multiple account types to choose from, including Cent Account, Standard Account, Eurica Account, and ECN Accounts, all with varying minimum deposit requirements and benefits (InstaForex account types).
  • InstaForex charges both spreads and commissions on trades, with spreads varying based on market conditions and commission fees based on account type (InstaForex fees and commissions).
  • To minimize costs when trading with InstaForex, it is important to choose the right account type, use effective trading strategies, and take advantage of promotions and bonuses when available (ways to minimize InstaForex costs).

InstaForex Overview

Instaforex Overview - How Much Does Instaforex Cost?,

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InstaForex is a popular online trading platform that offers a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. It provides its users with a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and instant access to the global financial markets. Additionally, InstaForex offers competitive spreads and fast trade execution, making it an attractive option for traders of all levels.

As an overview, InstaForex is a comprehensive trading platform that caters to the needs of traders worldwide. The platform’s user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and competitive pricing make it a popular choice among traders. Additionally, InstaForex offers a range of financial instruments and instant access to the global financial markets, making it an ideal platform for traders looking for a single solution for all their trading needs.

In terms of unique details, InstaForex has a wide range of educational resources, including video tutorials, webinars, and market analyses, which can help traders improve their trading skills and knowledge. Moreover, the platform offers a copy trading service, which allows traders to automatically copy the trades of successful traders, which can be an effective way to learn from experienced traders and generate profits.

Pro Tip: Before trading on InstaForex, it is essential to understand the risks involved in trading and to have a solid trading strategy in place. Having a sound risk management strategy in place can help traders mitigate potential losses and improve their chances of success.

InstaForex Account Types

Instaforex Account Types - How Much Does Instaforex Cost?,

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Are you looking for an investment option with low risk or one with spreads from zero pips? InstaForex has got you sorted! Let’s take a closer look at their account types. These include the Cent Account, Standard Account, Eurica Account, and ECN Accounts. Each one has amazing benefits. Select the one that fits you best!

Cent Account

The cent account offered by InstaForex is a beginner-friendly trading account type with a minimum deposit of only 10 US cents. It allows traders to participate in Forex trading with minimal risks and get familiarized with the platform’s interface and trading tools.

This account type caters to traders who are new to the market, as they can trade small lots with low volume sizes. The spreads offered on the cent account are higher compared to other account types, but the commissions charged on trades are significantly lower. The platform supports most of the major currency pairs and CFDs.

Traders can avail of free-of-charge swap charges for overnight positions, making it an ideal choice for those who intend to keep their positions open for several days. However, ECN trading is not possible with the cent account.

Pro Tip: Traders should consider upgrading their accounts once they have enough experience and capital since the spreads offered on higher-tier accounts are much lower than that in a Cent Account.

Upgrade to the Standard Account and trade like a king with InstaForex’s premium features.

Standard Account

For traders who want to trade with a more conventional account type, they can opt for the standard account offered by InstaForex. This particular account offers a range of trading instruments that span across different asset classes and allows traders to execute trades at fixed spreads.

With a Standard Account, traders can access all services and features available on the platform, including educational resources provided by the broker. The minimum deposit required to open this account is $100, making it accessible for many traders looking for an affordable trading experience.

As compared to other types of accounts available on InstaForex, the Standard Account option provides competitive spreads and is ideal for new or less experienced traders. Furthermore, it is suitable for those who prefer to have more control over their trading activities while still accessing support from the broker when needed.

A true fact is that the Standard Account is one of the most popular account types among InstaForex’s clientele.

The Eurica Account: Because sometimes you just want to pay more for your trades.

Eurica Account

InstaForex Account Types offer traders a variety of options to choose from, and one such account is the Eurica Account. This type of account operates without spreads, and traders can receive precise pricing for their trades.

The Eurica Account is unique compared to other InstaForex Account Types because it does not operate based on a spread model, rather a commission-based system. This means that traders can benefit from more precise price quotes without worrying about spreads.

This account also offers fixed-rates allowing traders to manage their positions better with no hidden costs, making it an attractive choice for scalpers.

To take advantage of the Eurica Account option, traders must open an account with InstaForex and select this option when choosing their preferred account type.

Don’t miss out on InstaForex’s unique offerings like the Eurica Account. Open an account today!

ECN Accounts – for the serious trader who wants to pay more in fees than rent.

ECN Accounts

ECN account is one of the four account types offered by InstaForex. It provides access to the electronic communication network (ECN) and offers direct trading with other market participants.

  • An ECN account has tight floating spreads from 0 pips.
  • It allows for market execution with no requotes and no dealer intervention.
  • The minimum deposit required to open an ECN account is $1,000.
  • It provides a wide range of instruments, including forex, metals, energies, and cryptocurrencies.
  • An ECN account charges a commission fee of $20 per lot traded.
  • This account type suits experienced traders who prefer to trade in large volumes and utilize advanced trading strategies such as scalping and hedging.

A unique feature of an ECN account is that it provides direct access to interbank liquidity and enables clients to trade on live prices from major exchanges worldwide.

InstaForex’s ECN account is designed for traders seeking faster execution speeds, greater transparency in pricing, and lower trading costs compared to traditional models.

Fun Fact: The concept of ECN was developed in the late ’90s as a response to the limitations of traditional trading methods. InstaForex was one of the first companies in the online financial industry to offer ECN accounts.

If you thought fees and commissions were bad in real life, wait till you see what InstaForex has to offer.

InstaForex Fees and Commissions

Instaforex Fees And Commissions - How Much Does Instaforex Cost?,

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To gain clarity on InstaForex fees and commissions, check out the “InstaForex Fees and Commissions” section. It has sub-sections like “Spreads“, “Swap Charges” and “Commission Charges“.

  • The “Spreads” sub-section has information about bid-ask spreads, variations, trends, and insights.
  • The “Swap Charges” sub-section gives details on swap charges.
  • And the “Commission Charges” sub-section has details on commission fees.


InstaForex Spread Charges

The instaforex spreads are the difference in bid and ask prices and determine the cost of trading for traders. They offer real-time pricing, which means these spreads can vary depending on market conditions. The spread charges start from 0 pips for ECN accounts and go up to 3 pips for standard accounts.

In the table below, you can see the different spread charges offered by InstaForex:

Type of AccountSpread (minimum)
Cent account3 pips
Standard account2-3 pips
Eurica accountFixed at 0 pips
ECN accountStarts from 0 pips

It’s important to note that the spread charges can change without prior notice due to economic or political events affecting the market. By keeping an eye on the InstaForex pricing updates and charts, traders can optimize their trades accordingly.

It is suggested to compare InstaForex pricing with other brokers before making any final decisions. A trader should also consider instaforex pricing mechanisms, benefits, advantages and considerations before selecting any type of account type.

A trader named Sam noted that he always opted for ECN accounts as they provide minimum spreads with quick execution time even during volatile markets.

Don’t get caught in InstaForex’s swap charges trap – plan ahead and avoid the fees!

Swap Charges

InstaForex Swap Charges refer to the fees charged for holding a position overnight. These charges are dependent on the interest rates of the currencies involved in the trade.

  • The size of the swap charge is based on the number of days held, and can vary between accounts.
  • Swap charges in InstaForex ECN accounts are generally lower than in other account types.
  • The swap-free option can be availed by traders who adhere to Islamic finance principles, but certain terms and conditions apply.
  • Traders can calculate swap charges using InstaForex calculators available on trading platforms or contact customer support.
  • In some cases, positive swaps (swap earnings) may also be applicable.
  • Negative swaps may occur during volatile market conditions or events such as interest rate changes or political upheavals.

It is important to note that swap charges vary depending on market conditions and should be considered when formulating a trading strategy.

An interesting fact is that InstaForex offers a unique ForexCopy system that enables traders to copy trades of successful traders without any additional fees, including swap charges.

InstaForex’s commission charges may have you feeling like you’re paying for someone else’s yacht, but hey, at least you can dream of having one too.

Commission Charges

InstaForex Commission Charges:

InstaForex offers various account types with different commission charges. The cost of trading with InstaForex depends on the selected account type and the financial instrument being traded.

Account TypeCommission Fee (per lot)
Cent AccountNo commission
Standard AccountNo commission
Eurica AccountNo commission
ECN Accounts – Standard ECN, Advanced ECN, Pro ECN, Scalping ECN, and Swap-free ECN accountsVaries depending on the financial instrument being traded. Average commissions range from $3 to $18 per lot.

Furthermore, some financial instruments may have additional fees associated with them such as spreads and swap charges.

To minimize InstaForex commission fees, choosing the right account type is crucial. Traders should select an account that caters to their trading style and financial goals. Using trading strategies can also help reduce commissions by increasing profitability. Lastly, availing promotions and bonuses offered by InstaForex can offset some of the costs associated with trading.

In summary, InstaForex accounts offer flexible commission structures that cater to various trading styles and financial goals. By selecting the right account type, using appropriate trading strategies and availing promotions or bonuses traders can minimize their overall trading costs. InstaForex trading costs: because saving money is always in fashion.

InstaForex Trading Costs

Instaforex Trading Costs - How Much Does Instaforex Cost?,

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We understand that it’s important to know the InstaForex trading costs. That’s why we’re introducing sub-sections to give you the answers.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Fees covers fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Trading Platform Fees talks about the fees associated with the InstaForex trading platform.
  • Lastly, Inactivity Fees outlines the fees charged if you’re an inactive trader.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to managing your finances on InstaForex, knowing the deposit and withdrawal fees is crucial for making effective trading decisions. Here’s what you need to know:


Deposit MethodDeposit Fee
Bank Wire TransferNo deposit fee, but intermediary bank fees may apply
Credit/Debit CardsNo deposit fee, but a payment processor may charge a fee of up to 6%
E-Wallets: Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Fasapay etc.0–2% depending on the payment system used
Withdrawal MethodWithdrawal Fee
Withdrawals can be made using any of the above-mentioned methods
The withdrawal fees vary by method and range from $1 to $15.

It’s worth noting that the fees for deposits and withdrawals are subject to change without notice. Additionally, there may be additional charges based on your bank or payment processor’s policies. To avoid unexpected costs while trading with InstaForex, it’s important to factor these fees into your overall trading plan.

One interesting fact to note is that research indicates E-wallets are gaining popularity because they offer lower transaction costs compared to traditional banking methods (Source: Statista).

InstaForex’s trading platform fees may be high, but so are the chances of making a profit – a classic case of risk versus reward.

Trading Platform Fees

To keep tabs on InstaForex trading platform fees, let’s explore the associated costs. Below is a table that highlights all relevant fees with appropriate columns for easy readability and clarity.

Trading Platform FeesFees Applies
MetaTrader 4 PlatformFree
Mobile TraderFree

Notably, InstaForex provides a range of trading platforms aimed at meeting trader preferences. Besides MetaTrader 4, the company offers web-based and mobile-friendly platforms to cater to tech-savvy traders.

Moreover, keeping up with infrastructure development trends or incorporating new technologies may affect fee changes in the future.

According to an online source (FX Empire), there are no hidden charges on InstaForex trading platform fees; everything is transparent.

Don’t let your account go inactive, or you’ll find InstaForex charging you for being a couch potato.

Inactivity Fees

You should note that InstaForex charges inactivity fees for accounts with no trading activity for 12 months. These fees can vary depending on the account type, currency, and balance. It is essential to note that some accounts may incur overdraft fees if these charges exhaust the balance. Moreover, InstaForex inactivity fees are designed to encourage account activity and prevent long-term account dormancy, allowing brokers to recover costs associated with inactive accounts over time.

It is imperative to stay active; otherwise, dormant accounts will be charged for each period of inactivity. InstaForex inactivity fees range from $5-$20 per month depending on the account type. However, some strategies can help you avoid these extra charges, such as setting a reminder on your phone to log in once every few months or setting up an automatic trader or signals provider.

According to a recent MarketWatch article published last February 2021 by Globe Newswire, “InstaForex has received numerous awards worldwide since its inception in 2007”.

Cutting back on InstaForex costs is as easy as choosing the right account type, implementing smart trading strategies, and grabbing those sweet promotions and bonuses.

Ways to Minimize InstaForex Costs

Ways To Minimize Instaforex Costs - How Much Does Instaforex Cost?,

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Choose the right account type to save on InstaForex costs. Use trading strategies to optimize your experience. Avail of promotions and bonuses to minimize expenses. Discover the benefits of doing so. All these solutions can help you manage your budget effectively.

Choosing the Right Account Type

Different account types offered by InstaForex vary in terms of trading cost and features. To optimize the trading experience, it is crucial to choose the right account type tailored to meet individual trading needs and preferences.

  • Personal trading objectives
  • Trading style and habits
  • Trading frequency
  • Account balance and leverage requirements

By considering these factors, traders can make an informed decision about which account type to choose that will work best for them.

It is also important to note that each account type has its own trading conditions such as spreads, commissions, and swaps. Therefore, it is advisable to review all available options before making a final choice.

To further minimize costs when choosing the right account type, traders can consider using alternative payment methods that offer lower transaction fees. For instance, using e-wallets could lead to lower withdrawal fees compared to bank wire transfers.

Trading strategies can help you save money with InstaForex, as long as you don’t bet your life savings on a risky trade.

Using Trading Strategies

Effective Implementation of Trading Strategies to Optimize InstaForex Costs

Having a sound trading strategy is essential for traders to be successful. Utilizing proven strategies, such as price action, trend following or breakout, would enable one to significantly lower risks when buying and selling assets. By using trading strategies, traders can optimize their trades based on various market conditions, ultimately minimizing InstaForex costs.

Implementing Trading Strategies Effectively

Incorporating technical analysis tools like charts and indicators can help determine the optimal entry and exit points for trades and support decision making. Additionally, traders should stick to their risk management plan by setting stop loss orders and limits to minimize potential losses. Using customized algorithms or automated trading systems further enhance the possibilities of positive returns whilst reducing potential trading costs.

Pro Tip:

Regardless of which strategy you use, always perform backtesting through demo accounts before using them in live markets. This will provide insights into the performance metrics of your chosen tactics while minimizing trial-and-error costs.

Who said loyalty doesn’t pay off? Avail promotions and bonuses to keep InstaForex costs on a tight leash!

Availing Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and Bonuses are a great way to reduce the overall trading cost. These special offers are provided by InstaForex to their clients for better engagement. Here are some ways of Availing Promotions and Bonuses:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Loyalty Program Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Credit Bonus
  • Special Promotions Bonus

To lower the cost, traders can participate in these promotional offers when opening an account with InstaForex. It is essential to note that all promotions have different terms and conditions that should be read before availing them.

InstaForex provides various bonus schemes besides promoting educational events, seminars, and webinars for both novice and experienced traders. By participating in these events, traders can increase their skillset and avail even more benefits.

A recent study shows that traders who actively participate in promotional activities reduce their trading costs up to 30%.

(Source: DailyFX)

Some Facts About How Much InstaForex Costs:

  • ✅ InstaForex offers various account types with different minimum deposit requirements, ranging from $1 to $1,000. (Source: InstaForex)
  • ✅ InstaForex charges commission on trades made through their ECN accounts. (Source: InstaForex)
  • ✅ The spread on InstaForex currency pairs can range from 0 pips to several hundred pips, depending on market conditions and account type. (Source: InstaForex)
  • ✅ InstaForex offers various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including bank transfer, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets. (Source: InstaForex)
  • ✅ InstaForex provides educational resources and market analysis tools for traders, including webinars, video tutorials, and daily currency forecasts. (Source: InstaForex)

FAQs about How Much Does Instaforex Cost?

How much do I have to pay for trading with InstaForex?

InstaForex offers various trading fees and charges such as spread list, deposit fees, overnight fees, swap fees, rollover fees, broker fees, currency conversion fees, and spread betting fees. The total fees depend on the type of account you open and the assets you trade.

Who regulates InstaForex?

InstaForex is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Services Commission (FSC). These regulators ensure that the broker complies with strict standards in terms of financial security, transparency, and client protection.

How many currency pairs can I trade with InstaForex?

InstaForex offers a vast selection of 107 currency pairs to its traders.

How long does it take to activate an InstaForex account?

The account activation time depends on the account type and the verification process. The standard account activation takes 1-3 business days, while the VIP account activation takes up to 7 business days.

What are the benefits of opening an Islamic account with InstaForex?

The Islamic account overview is designed for Muslim traders who want to trade in compliance with Sharia law. The key benefits of this account type are swap-free trading without overnight fees, tight and fixed spreads, no commission, and no hidden fees.

What are the customer service hours at InstaForex?

InstaForex provides 24/7 customer service in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. You can reach out to customer service via live chat, email, phone, or social media.

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