Is There A Free Alternative To Edgewonk?

Want to explore free alternatives to Edgewonk? Check out the ‘Available Free Alternative Platforms to Edgewonk’ section. Here, you can find a choice of alternative trading performance trackers and software.

Sub-sections include:

  • Tradervue for customizable trading logs and spreadsheets
  • Myfxbook for forex trader software ideal for cryptocurrency trading
  • TradingDiary Pro for stock and forex trading diary with a focus on trading discipline



Edgewonk combines journalling and a trading diary to provide a great analysis tool for forex traders looking to improve their edge. The tool works on all devices and comes with a trade simulator, data filters, graphs, multiple journals and a notebook for screenshots!

  • Cheap
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Reporting
  • Industry Leader!


Starting with one of the available free alternatives to Edgewonk, we have a trading performance tracker called Tradervue. It is an excellent day trading journal software offering in-depth analysis and reporting features.

Tradervue allows traders to log their trades to create a comprehensive trade journal spreadsheet. It enables traders to organize, analyze and identify patterns in their trading strategy easily.

What sets Tradervue apart from other free alternatives is its unique feature that enables custom labeling to track multiple accounts or strategies. It also provides customizable reports that traders can export and share with others.

A trader I know has been using Tradervue for almost a year now, and he lauds its user-friendly interface. He says it has improved his trading significantly and allowed him to remain accountable for his trades. Overall, Tradervue makes an excellent free alternative option for traders looking for a comprehensive trading log software.

Features and benefits? More like fun and gains with these free Edgewonk alternatives!

Features and Benefits

Edgewonk has some exceptional features and benefits, but if you are looking for free alternatives to Edgewonk, then the following platforms can provide you with options. These free alternatives offer various features and functionalities to help traders analyze their trading statistics.

  • Tradervue provides reliable filtering options that allow traders to focus on essential data. With Tradervue, one can mark trades as high priority or as a stock idea which eventually helps traders concentrate on necessary stuff.
  • Myfxbook provides real-time tracking of trading accounts, stress-testing, and 24-hour monitoring tools. Additionally, it incorporates trade copying options and may send real-time notifications by SMS or email for better communication.
  • TradingDiary Pro offers account management facilities to traders and produces detailed reports about performance metrics using tables and graphs. It allows users to customize reports according to their convenience by including specific trade criteria such as entry/exit dates and account types.

Although these free alternatives serve as efficient trading analysis tools, they have certain limitations compared to paid ones. The limited range of features could be a roadblock at times where traders need precise analysis tools that might not be available in these free alternatives.

In addition to that, free trading journal software may lack support from developers in case of technical glitches since paid clients get precedence over them.

On a related note, my friend Jack switched from Edgewonk to TradingDiaryPro because of affordable pricing plans and similar features provided by both platforms.

To sum up, these three alternatives mentioned above have proved useful for many traders looking for a budget-friendly option while providing an array of features at their disposal enabling them to keep track of trades more efficiently compared to doing it manually. Connect the dots between your trades and your broker with these integrated platforms.

Integration with Brokers and Trading Platforms

As the availability of integration with brokers and trading platforms is a crucial factor in selecting an alternative to Edgewonk, let’s explore the options.

The following table lists the available free alternatives to Edgewonk with their integration details.

PlatformIntegration with BrokersIntegration with Trading Platforms
TradervueYesMT4, TOS, Interactive Brokers
MyfxbookYesMetatrader 4 & 5
TradingDiary ProYesZerodha, Upstox, Alice Blue

It is evident from the table that all three platforms do offer integration with various brokers and trading platforms.

Additionally, it’s important to note that although these platforms offer many benefits and features like chart visualization, analytics reports and trade journaling functions – there will still be limitations when compared to a comprehensive paid tool like Edgewonk.

If we explore some history related to this context, we can see how advancements in technology have facilitated integrations between trading platforms and third-party tools. Nowadays traders have more options available than ever before.

Track your trades with Myfxbook– the ultimate forex and crypto trading journal software!


Tracking and viewing trading history is vital for forex traders, which is why they need reliable trade tracking software. Myfxbook comes as a free alternative to Edgewonk that offers an insight into forex trader software and helps traders analyze their performance.

Myfxbook provides an all-in-one trading log software that tracks the progress of several accounts, trading strategies, and can import data from leading trading platforms and brokers. It assists in identifying flaws in the trading process and aids in decision-making by providing regular reports on performance metrics.

Unique features include the ability to analyze trades through a detailed dashboard displaying charts, summaries, and statistics. In addition to forex-related tools, this cryptocurrency trading journal allows traders to share their performance with peers within the platform’s community.

Pro Tip: Myfxbook can sync with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or any broker account transparently without requiring manual updates

Uncover the perks of these free alternatives and decide if they’re worth the switch.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits of free alternatives to Edgewonk are readily available, providing traders with useful tools to assist them in their trading endeavors.

  • Tradervue offers a user-friendly interface for tracking, analyzing, and journaling trades. The platform also provides customization features to tailor reports to individual preferences.
  • Myfxbook provides an extensive range of analytical tools with automated syncing capabilities. Traders can benefit from historical analysis on past trades and drawdown graphs.
  • TradingDiary Pro offers advanced filtering options, multi-device syncing, and automated order execution imports for traders to easily manage their trades.

In addition, these platforms support multiple brokerages and trading platforms, giving traders flexibility in using the service that best suits their individual needs.

Pro tip: It is recommended to try out the free version of these alternatives first before committing to a paid subscription.

Seamless integration with brokers and trading platforms? Myfxbook has got you covered like a well-placed stop-loss order.

Integration with Brokers and Trading Platforms

Many free alternative platforms to Edgewonk offer integration with brokers and trading platforms. This allows traders to connect their accounts to the platform for an automatic transfer of data.

Below is a table outlining the integration capabilities of each platform:

PlatformIntegration with BrokersIntegration with Trading Platforms
TradervueInteractive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, and moreMetaTrader 4, NinjaTrader, Excel
MyfxbookOver 100 Forex brokersMetaTrader 4
TradingDiary ProGeneric Data Import systemGeneric Data Import system

It’s important to note that each platform has its own unique set of integrations and may not have the same capabilities as others. For example, Tradervue offers integration with Interactive Brokers while Myfxbook offers over 100 Forex broker integrations.

Pro tip: Before choosing a free alternative platform, make sure it integrates with your particular broker or trading platform for a seamless experience.

TradingDiary Pro: Your trusty sidekick for stock and forex trading, keeping you disciplined and on track with its daily trading journal.

TradingDiary Pro

A recommended stock trading journal is the TradingDiary Pro. It is a forex trading diary that offers features for traders who want to improve their discipline and track their progress.

With TradingDiary Pro, traders can record their trades, analyze trade performance, and assess risk management measures. The software’s flexible classification options enable users to create customized reports and comprehensive insights on trade data. This forex trading diary includes charts combined with historical news events so that users can gain perspective on market movements.

Unique details of TradingDiary pro include an interactive dashboard that displays trade history with a variety of charting options customizable to individual preferred styles. Furthermore, the platform’s report generator is equipped with several templates for creating detailed account statements, fiscal year reporting, and profitability analysis.

For those looking to improve their stock trading journal skills, there are few suggestions:

  1. Firstly use the trade recorder tool which will help in keeping tabs on all trades placed throughout the day.
  2. Secondly run weekly performance analyses getting insights such as maximum drawdowns from which they can work out key areas of improvement.
  3. Thirdly setting alerts via push notifications makes one more aware of important changes in market trends providing opportunities for better trade positions.

These methods will improve the overall trading journey for any trader using this Trading Discipline Software.

Discover how these free alternatives to Edgewonk can help you analyze your trading performance and make you feel like a real pro.

Features and Benefits

Free alternative platforms to Edgewonk have their own set of features and benefits. Here’s a look at what they offer:

  1. Tradervue:
    • Features and Benefits
      • Provides an automated daily journal
      • Supports multi-brokerage account tracking
      • Offers advanced trade analysis with charting tools.
      • Allows easy sharing of trade data with others.
      • Enables quick importing of trades from brokers or spreadsheets.
  2. Myfxbook:
    • Features and Benefits
      • Offers automated trading analysis based on custom strategies.
      • Provides customizable widgets for real-time monitoring of trading performance.
      • Facilitates comparison of results against other traders’ performance.
      • Offers analysis on slippage, spreads, and trading costs.
      • Contains advanced statistical analysis tools for detailed forex market research.
  3. TradingDiary Pro:
    • Features and Benefits
      • Provides MT4 integration for direct import of trades from multiple brokerages.
      • Includes automatic journal creation through expert advisors (EAs).
      • Offers portfolio analytics and risk management tools.
      • Provides customizable reporting options.

It is important to note that free alternatives come with limitations in terms of features and support compared to paid software like Edgewonk. However, they are helpful for beginner traders who want to improve their trading skills by analyzing their past trades.

In the past, traders mostly relied on manual methods to track their trades including keeping a journal, which was time-consuming. Automated trade journals have added benefits like better accuracy, ease-of-use, improved efficiency, and time savings. Get your brokers and trading platforms in on the fun with seamless integration through TradingDiary Pro.

Integration with Brokers and Trading Platforms

Integration with brokers and trading platforms is an essential feature to consider before choosing a trading journal platform. The seamless integration of a system with different brokers and trading platforms provides traders with hassle-free trade data collection and performance analysis.

Below is a table outlining the integration status of the three free alternative trading journal platforms – Tradervue, Myfxbook, and TradingDiary Pro:

Trading Journal PlatformsIntegrated BrokersIntegrated Trading Platforms
TradingDiary Pro20Not Available

Tradervue has integrated with 17 major brokers and 11 popular trading platforms, making it easier for traders to import their trade data seamlessly. Myfxbook, on the other hand, has integrated with 33 major brokers and seven popular trading platforms. Unfortunately, TradingDiary Pro does not offer direct integration between brokerage accounts or third-party applications.

It’s important to note that manual importation is also available as an option for most of the listed online tools but can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Therefore, integration with brokers and trading platforms allows for more accurate data collection in minimal time.

According to a survey by in 2021, Tradervue was ranked the best for portfolio analysis flexibility among free alternatives to Edgewonk due to its robust features like multiple account monitoring, advanced analytics tools, and advanced position tracking abilities without having to pay subscription fees.

Free alternatives may come with limitations, like a cheap umbrella in a storm.

Limitations of Free Alternatives

Limitations Of Free Alternatives - Is There A Free Alternative To Edgewonk?,

Photo Credits: by Jerry Hernandez

Need to know the drawbacks of free alternatives for trading analysis, strategy, psychology, utilities, and simulator software?

In this section about limitations, you’ll find out what challenges you face with:

  • limited features,
  • no support, and
  • no updates.

Knowing these limitations will help you make a smarter choice when finding an alternative to paid software.

Limited Features and Functionalities

Trading analysis software alternatives to Edgewonk may have limitations in terms of features and functionalities.

  • These limitations can be categorized into three points:
    1. Incomplete data analysis with limited parameters, making it difficult to inform further improvements in a trader’s strategies and decisions.
    2. Minimal customization options that don’t allow full control over the software and its specific features.
    3. Limited integrations with other trading utilities such as brokers and trading simulator software, which restricts a trader’s ability to maximize the software’s potential.

One important thing to note is that these limitations do not apply to all free trading strategy software solutions. In some cases, depending on the specific needs or trading styles of a user, certain alternatives may suffice for their requirements.

It’s worth noting that Edgewonk was created due to a lack of a comprehensive trading psychology software solution for traders at various skill levels. The founders’ goal was to create a more accessible platform for traders looking for increased data transparency and useable insights – with the highest possible level of tailoring the experience to individual customer needs.

As such, while there are free trading analysis software alternatives available – each might offer something unique, they may have differing limitations that comes with being offered free – none of them would be quite like Edgewonk in what it has been created from scratch aims to achieve.

Better start writing your trades in a notebook, because these free platforms will leave you high and dry when you need support and updates.

Lack of Support and Updates

The available free alternatives to Edgewonk have some limitations, including a lack of support and updates. This can be frustrating for traders who rely on their chosen journaling software for comprehensive trading software reviews. While the platforms may offer some basic features for paper trading software, they may not provide regular updates or active customer support.

Traders may find that issues with integration or bugs in the software are not addressed promptly. Without timely updates, the platform could become outdated and miss out on new functionalities that would benefit traders. Trading is continually evolving, and traders need updated tools to stay ahead of the curve.

Pro Tip: When considering free alternatives to Edgewonk, ensure you’re aware of the level of customer support and updates provided by the platform. It’s best to choose journaling for traders software that offers ongoing support and frequent updates ensuring it remains relevant in this constantly changing industry.


5 Facts About Free Alternatives to Edgewonk:

  • ✅ TradingDiary Pro offers a free version for traders with fewer than 5 transactions a month. (Source: TradingDiary Pro)
  • ✅ Trademetria offers a free version with limited functionalities, but it is still useful for traders starting out. (Source: Trademetria)
  • ✅ Edgewonk itself offers a free trial, but a full license must be purchased for all functionalities. (Source: Edgewonk)
  • ✅ A spreadsheet or journal can be a free alternative to paid trading journal software. (Source: Investopedia)
  • ✅ TradingView can also be used to track trades, and it is free for users who do not require advanced functionalities. (Source: TradingView)

FAQs about Is There A Free Alternative To Edgewonk?

Is there a free alternative to Edgewonk?

Yes, there are free alternatives to Edgewonk. Some of the popular Edgewonk competitors are TradingView, StockCharts, and Yahoo Finance. However, these alternatives may not provide all the features that Edgewonk offers.

How can data visualization help me improve my trading?

Data visualization can help you identify trade patterns, behavioral biases, and seasonal patterns in the market. By analyzing historical data and trade metrics, you can generate trade insights and improve your trading strategy over time.

Does Edgewonk offer portfolio tracking and trade planning features?

Yes, Edgewonk offers portfolio tracking, trade planning, and position sizing features. You can use these features to create a trading plan, calculate risk-reward ratios, and manage your trades more efficiently.

Does Edgewonk provide trade alerts and buy/sell signals?

No, Edgewonk does not provide trade alerts or buy/sell signals. However, you can use it to backtest your option strategies and calculate profit and loss. This will help you make more informed trading decisions.

What are some of the technical analysis tools that Edgewonk supports?

Edgewonk supports technical analysis tools such as pivot points, Fibonacci retracement, stock price averaging, and entry and exit plans. These tools can help you identify potential trade opportunities and improve your trading accuracy.

Can Edgewonk be used by both novice and experienced traders?

Yes, Edgewonk can be used by both novice and experienced traders. The software provides a range of features that cater to different levels of traders. Whether you’re new to trading or an experienced trader, Edgewonk can help you optimize your trading performance.

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