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Using a VPS to trade forex can be essential when looking to trade in a secure, stable environment where you don’t have any issues with internet. When looking to purchase a VPS you want to know that you’re able to get the uptime and low latency to make your trading as smooth and hassle free as possible. Purchasing a VPS can bypass internet issues that mean you’re able to trade with fast execution and orders that aren’t suffering from rubbish internet. We had a look at RouterHosting to find out whether it’s worth using this VPS for your forex trading. Read on to find out more.

What is RouterHosting?

Founded in 2008, RouterHostingOpens in a new tab.

RouterHosting Forex VPS Features

There are a few key features that RouterHosting are offering that we believe make it stand out from all the other VPS services and make it worth considering when looking to to purchase a VPS for your trading career.

1. 99.95% Uptime

Possible one of the most important features a VPS service an offer you a trader is a reliable uptime that you know is going to give you reliable internet for most of the time. With only a 0.05% chance of your internet going down, RouterHosting can offer you internet that is secure all of the time. If a forex VPS cannot offer you a guaranteed uptime, it’s not worth your time and the majority of the best vps providers do offer thisOpens in a new tab.

2. Forex VPS

Unlike other VPS services, RouterHosting has a VPS that is specifically catered to forex traders. It’s often the case with VPS services that traders have to purchase general plans that apply to a lot of different people so it’s a massive feature of RouterHosting that traders have their own service. Within the VPS are two different kinds of VPS with Economy and Premium- read on to find out more.

3. Free Windows

A real stand out feature of this forex VPS service is that anyone purchasing a plan from these guys will be able to get a free version of Windows- not only that, any version of Windows that you’re after. Purchasing Windows can be pricey so it’s great to be able to get a totally free version when working with RouterHosting!

4. Minimal Latency

With any VPS service you want to know that you’re able to get low latency so that you’re able to execute the maximum number of market orders without any delays. You need to ensure you’re trading with low latency in order to get the best prices within the market. With forex being a zero sum game, every pip counts and having a bad connection can literally ruin an edge, especially for high frequency traders and scalpers.

5. Unlimited Trading Platforms

Traders are able to work with RouterHosting no matter what platform they’re comfortable trading with. Whilst most VPS servers stick to catering to MT4 and MT5 platforms, as they’re the most popular, RouterHosting works with all trading platforms so you’re catered to no matter how or where you prefer to trade.

What are the Plans and Pricing?

There are several different types of plans that customers can access when they sign up with RouterHosting to get a VPS. As mentioned earlier in the article, the company have several plans for people with all kids of needs when using a VPS, however for the purposes of this article we’ll have a closer look at the forex plans being offered. There are two kinds of branches offering plans, which are the Economy and Premium plans.

Economy Plans

Within the economy branch there are four different plans ranging in price. The cheapest plan starts at $7.95 per month. It comes with 2GB of memory, 30GB of SSD storage and 2 CPU which is ideal for those who have a need for less storage to okay with and a slightly smaller budget. The most expensive plan is only $54.95 a month where you’ll get 6 CPU, 16GB of memory and a huge 250GB of SSD storage.

Premium Plans

The premium plans come at a higher price as they have more to offer for traders needing a more complex VPS server. A Premium Strength plan costs $129 per month and comes with 8 CPU, 32GB of memory and 400GB of SSD storage. What stands out about the Premium Forex VPS plans is that traders have the opportunity to create their own plans; something that you don’t see a lot within VPS server companies. If you’re not able to find a plan that works for you, you’re able to get in touch with the company and create a plan where you customise everything, from the CPU cores to SSD storage.

RouterHosting Customer Support

Having access to solid customer support is always a really good feature to have in a company, so that you know you’re able to easily get in touch with someone who can sort you out should you encounter any problems. RouterHosting have 24/7 customer support which means their clients are always able to get help should they need it no matter the time of day or week. This does stand out from a lot of other services as not many offer that level of support where you can get it no matter what time of the day issues occur.

RouterHosting also have a guide on how to setup a VPSOpens in a new tab.

RouterHosting Reviews- What are Other Traders Saying?

Taking into account several experiences and opinions is always a good option when looking at whether to go with a company or not. We had a look on TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.

So, whilst RouterHosting is seeming to have a lot of great features, the overall reviews on Trustpilot rate the company as Poor, which is not good news…

However, it is definitely worth noting that only has 9 reviews on there about the company which indicates that there is not a huge amount of evidence to suggest that the company should be given an overall rating of Poor.

When we compare this to some of the other forex vps services out there like ForexVpsOpens in a new tab.

In Summary- Is RouterHosting the Best VPS For Forex Traders?

Overall, we’re not able to say that RouterHosting is the best VPS available to traders. This is because reviews on Trustpilot suggest that quite a few traders have had bad experiences with the company. We do always like to take into account what other traders are saying as we’ve found it can be a great insight into what the VPS service is all about.

However, RouterHosting does offer some really great benefits that are worth looking at. Not only does it have a range of great plans, it offers plans that are exclusively catered to forex traders, provides a free version of Windows to customers who purchase a VPS with them and of course comes with all the benefits that are need when looking for a VPS service- 99.95% uptime and low latency. Whilst we cannot absolutely tell you to go with this company, it is worth having a look into what they’re offering and consider whether this is the right VPS service for you.

I would personally recommend using a forex vps with much better reviews to stay safe and ensure you’re getting a high quality service.

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