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Having instant access to the forex markets, reliable up time and low latency is crucial to being a consistently profitable trader. Old computers and slow wifi costs forex traders millions per year in lost opportunities and mismanaged trades. With the high liquidity rates of the forex market, it’s more important than ever to have the best connection on your side. This is where a forex VPS will come into play… There are many VPS services out there offering solutions to your problems which definitely makes it harder to make a decision. This article will offer a full review on V2 Cloud so you can make a decision about where to achieve optimal connectivity.

V2 CloudOpens in a new tab. is a hosting provider offering a dedicated specific VPS for forex traders. In this article I am going to break down everything you need to know about V2 Cloud; the pros, the cons and my own personal experience with the forex VPS offered. We will also touch on how V2 Cloud compares to some of the other best forex vps plodders in the industryOpens in a new tab.. Let’s get into it…

What is V2 Cloud?

V2 CloudOpens in a new tab. are a VPS service claiming to offer a really simple solution to your problems without needed any technical expertise. Founded in 2012. the team are based in Canada with the mission of creating a VPS product that would enable both individuals and businesses access to a reliable desktop. What makes it different to other VPS’ is that it is fully committed to providing VPS to business owners and their different kinds of plans reflect that. We’ll explore the plans further later in the article so scroll down to see. They claim to deploy cloud-based Windows desktops in less than 10 clicks, within 20 minutes to provide a high quality, reliable service solution.

V2 Cloud serve over 25,000 users around the world. This is due to their unrivalled service and the fact the VPS solutions are completely scaleable to any companies or traders needs. Let’s take a look at some of the features that set V2 Cloud apart from others in the industry like ForexVPSOpens in a new tab..

V2 Cloud Features

V2 Cloud has several features, both unique and also essential, that make it a really reliable and high quality service. Some of these features even set it apart from some of the other forex vps choices in the marketOpens in a new tab. like FXVMOpens in a new tab. for example. Read on to find out about some of their features which we deemed really important and most notable…

1. Multi and Single User Desktops

Customers have access to both single used and multi use desktops which means that no matter your needs, VZ Cloud are able to cater to you. Multi-user desktops can hold up to 250 users on each machine and they’re based on Windows Server OS. All users are part of the same virtual machine but have access to their own desktop and private folders. Single user desktops re useful for those looking to install applications that require a Windows 10 desktop OS.

2. Web and Mobile App

As well as having a desktop app, V2 Cloud’s mobile and web app means that users have instant access to their servers even whilst on the go. Whilst the desktop app gives you high performance, secure access, the mobile app is absolutely perfect for those on iOS or Android who aren’t necessarily able to be sat at their desktops all day.

This feature is so useful for traders looking to keep an eye on their trading bots whilst busy during the day. By just logging in on your phone you have complete access to the VPS. Not even ForexVPSOpens in a new tab., the industry leader, offer this and I think it’s a great idea!

3. Malware Protection

The Business plan comes with Malwarebytes Pro antivirus offering full-time protection and nightly scans in order to prevent you from suffering from any malware.

4. Built-In Live Support

If you’re familiar with our other reviews you’ll know that we believe that a fully functioning, accessible support team is essential to making a service that much better. Along with their other customer support features, live support means that you have access to help from one of their team at any point so you don’t have to worry about being left in the if something were to go wrong.

This again is crucial for traders. Any downtime can cost a amount money of money in missed opportunity or mismanaged trades.

5. Dual Monitor Support

When using a VPS, you’ll notice that you cannot often use multiple monitors. Although this is fairly expected, it’s still annoying for traders that are used to working on multiple screens when executing analysis and trades. Luckily, V2 Cloud VPS are all dual monitor compatible meaning you can run multiple screens using the same VPS – really handy!

What Are the Plans and Pricing?

V2 Cloud have a huge range of plans that can offer service solutions to individuals, business owners, IT Managers, Managed Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors and many more. The company two different sets of plans; Team Cloud Desktops and Individual Cloud Desktops. Within these there are separate Basic and Business Plans which all have different levels of complexity and therefore increase in price. Both Basic and Business plans have the same levels, however Business plans are higher in price as they are catered to suit the needs of a buiness.

Team Cloud Desktops

There are 6 different plans under Team Cloud desktops range from $40 a month all the way up to $1120 a month. The cheapest plan ‘The Founder’ is recommended for up to one user, with 50GB disk space, 2 CPU, and 4GB of RAM. Plans increase in the complexity and amount of features. Their most complex plan is called ‘The Enterprise’, also with 50GB disk space but has 32 CPU and 128 GB of RAM.

Individual Cloud Desktops

There are four different plans under Individual Cloud desktops. Their cheapest plan starts at $40 a month and goes up to $280 a month. CPU on the plans goes from 2 to 8, RAM goes from 4GB to 32GB and storage stays at 50GB.

After looking through their different levels of VPS plans we would probably recommend their cheapest plans for traders with less experience and no need for extra users on the desktops. They offer a secure, reliable server for a good amount of money. For traders with perhaps more experience and looking to have more users on their server we would probably recommend their more expensive, more complex plans.

If you’re just looking for a basic VPS to start trading and are not too worried about having the highest quality, I’d recommend checking out CheapForexVPSOpens in a new tab.. They offer much cheaper VPS solutions for beginner traders – the quality isn’t brilliant but it’s more than enough for most traders.

Cloud Customer Support

As always, we like to have a look at the customer support that a company can offer traders who are looking to purchase from a VPS service. They have several resources to go to on their page which is always a good sign. Their Help Centre has a lot of commonly asked questions where you can go to if you need answers to a simple question, however should you run into more serious problems they have a Live Chat which frequents responses within minutes. Support hours are 5am to 10pm Monday to Friday (on Eastern time) and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday which shows they have a really good level of support. It’s always crucial to know you’re able to get in touch with the team should you run into any problems.

V2 Cloud Reviews- What Are Other Traders Saying?

Whenever we do these kind of reviews, we always include a section dedicated to seeing what other traders, from all over the world who have had their own experiences with the company, are saying. Being able to see what other traders experiences have been makes it way easier when making a decision about whether to sign up to the VPS as they’re able to offer personal insight into how they’ve found it. g2.comOpens in a new tab. have some really useful reviews on their site so we’ve included a few below.

Overall, the majority of reviews are 5 stars on this app which paints V2 Cloud in a really positive light and confirms what we’re seeing, which is that V2 Cloud is a really good option to be considering if you’re looking at purchasing a VPS service to take your trading career to the next level.

It’s also very promising that there are a high number of reviews. With some of the best forex VPS providers like ForexVPSOpens in a new tab., we see literally thousands of positive reviews. It’s always best to try and avoid companies that only have a few reviews dotted around Google. Luckily, V2 Cloud has over 25,000 active users so there are plenty of reviews for us to read!

In Summary- Is V2 Cloud the Best VPS For Forex Traders?

In short, it is totally worth using V2 Cloud as your next VPS service. With loads of great options to choose from, V2 Cloud will have the VPS to suit you no matter your budget or how many users you’ll need. Even better are the differences between individual and business plans so that whether you’re trading solo, or you have a team of people working with you, you know you’ll be catered to. Over all we would highly recommend V2 Cloud as one of the best VPS services in the business and as you can see from the g2.com reviews, everyone else agrees.

I would describe V2 Cloud as middle of the range. If you’re looking for just a really cheap VPS to run MT4 on, then something like CheapForexVPSOpens in a new tab. is going to be a better bet as you can get a VPS setup in minutes for a few dollars. If you’re looking for the highest quality, ForexVPSOpens in a new tab. is going to be the best bet. However, if you’re looking for something in the middle, V2 Cloud is a great option for a VPS provider!

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