What Is Similar To Ftmo?

What is similar to FTMO?,

Key Takeaway:

  • Similar to FTMO, there are various funded trader programs available, such as The5%ers and TopstepTrader, which offer trading challenges and proprietary trading platforms for traders.
  • Other similar programs to FTMO include OneUp Trader, which offers trading contests and caters to different trading styles such as trend following, signals trading, and algorithmic trading.
  • When choosing the right program, traders should consider important factors such as account funding options, trading rules and guidelines, profit sharing, as well as their own trading style and goals.

Similar Trading Programs

Similar Trading Programs - What Is Similar To Ftmo?,

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Explore trading programs like FTMO! We have a section to guide you to success. In it, we’ll discuss The5%ers – a professional forex trading firm. Plus, TopstepTrader – a prop trading community with funding options. And, OneUp Trader – offering trading challenges and contests. Plus firms for trend following, day trading, signals trading, swing trading, algo trading, and scalping.

Funded Trader Program – The5%ers

Many professional trading firms offer funded trader programs similar to FTMO. The program offered by The5%ers is one of them. With a unique approach to forex trading, it allows traders to trade their own strategies with little to no limitations.

The5%ers’ evaluation process includes a detailed analysis of traders’ performance in various aspects. Their performance evaluation is based on both profitability and risk management skills. After successful completion of the evaluation, traders get funded up to $2 million for trading.

In addition to providing funding, The5%ers sets out clear trading rules and guidelines for its traders. They offer profit sharing plans based on monthly returns and do not charge any commissions or fees.

While The5%ers‘ program may seem attractive, it’s essential to consider other similar programs like TopstepTrader and OneUp Trader as well before choosing the right one for you. To make a wise decision, define your trading style and goals first, then research these professional trading firms thoroughly by reading reviews and comparing features.

Don’t miss out on benefiting from these highly successful online trading firms! TopstepTrader offers a remote prop trading community for traders seeking funding alternatives and alternative trading programs.

Trading Evaluation Program – TopstepTrader

Many prop trading communities provide alternative trading programs for individuals to gain access to substantial capital without risking their own funds. TopstepTrader is a renowned remote prop trading firm that offers a Trading Evaluation Program, allowing traders to trade with a live simulation account and earn capital without any initial financial investment.

TopstepTrader evaluates traders’ performance based on specific targets and rules, simulating the actual market environment through its innovative software. Traders need to reach specific profit targets while following the firm’s risk management guidelines to qualify for funding provided by the platform.

What sets TopstepTrader apart from other similar programs is its focus on trader education and development. The platform provides various educational resources and tools, such as webinars, coaching sessions, and mentorship programs.

TopstepTrader’s success story began in 2012 when it launched as a new approach towards trader funding alternatives. By offering an innovative solution for aspiring traders, TopstepTrader quickly gained popularity in the prop trading funding arena, connecting traders worldwide with top remote proprietary trading firms.

You don’t need to be a trend following, day, swing, algorithmic, or scalping trader to score big at OneUp Trader’s trading challenges and contests.

Proprietary Trading Firm – OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader – A Leading Prop Trading Firm

OneUp Trader offers a unique opportunity for traders to showcase their portfolio through trading challenges and contests. As one of the leading trend-following, day trading, signals trading, swing trading, algorithmic trading, and scalping trading firms, OneUp Trader evaluates the trader’s performance over a specific period using strict rules and guidelines.

As an alternative to established proprietary funds, OneUp Trader provides funding to experienced professional traders without requiring any capital upfront. Unlike many other trading challenges and contests where one-time prizes are given away, traders who pass the evaluation program can choose between several account sizes with increasing profit shares.

The risk management rules at OneUp Trader keep an emphasis on capital preservation by introducing daily loss limits that adjust based on recent profits and losses. Likewise, excessive overnight exposure is restricted through portfolio limits for both long-term positions and active orders.

One of the unique features of OneUp Trader is its sincere commitment to fostering a productive environment for its successful traders. The company provides comprehensive support services to manage live accounts so that traders can focus on producing consistent returns.

Previously working as a professional scalper trader in his life, Alex was forced to take a break due to personal reasons before he decided to kickstart his career again. Alex discovered OneUp Trader during his research period for alternate ways of earning profits independently. He passed all evaluations and now receives monthly payouts from OneUp Trader after achieving consistent profitability.

Get the guidance you need with trading coach alternatives and trading mentor options found in similar programs to FTMO.

Key Features of Similar Programs

Key Features Of Similar Programs - What Is Similar To Ftmo?,

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Are you wanting to know more about trading coach alternatives such as FTMO? This section will give you a break down of account funding, trading rules, and profit splitting options.

To have success in prop trading and forex trading, finding the right mentor and trading education program is essential. Here you’ll find alternative solutions to trading mentors, hedge funds, and systematic trading firms. Plus, you’ll get the scoop on prop trading technology, trading software, institutional trading firms, and more. It’s all about understanding the trading rules, guidelines, and infrastructure.

Account Funding

  • Minimum Deposit – Most programs have a minimum deposit requirement that ranges from $500 to $5,000, depending on the program and account type.
  • Fund Withdrawal – Some programs allow fund withdrawal after meeting specific requirements, while others prohibit withdrawals during evaluation stages.
  • Account Types – Different account types provide different funding amounts and evaluation periods based on their subscription fees.
  • Fund Protection – A few programs offer aspiring traders with insurances that act as protection against sudden losses or market volatility.
  • Deposit Methods – Several platforms permit deposits through various payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers etcetera.

It’s important to note that not all programs operate similarly in terms of their Account Funding processes. As such, it’s imperative to determine which options suit one’s preferences.

A true story of a trader who joined an Account Funded Trading Program called The5%ers was overwhelming yet exciting. He was allocated with $40k and achieved a profit target within three weeks—that was 30% above the allocated amount. He went on for another evaluation period and surpassed his previous goal by earning around 50% – getting allocated with $80k. The success continued when he joined a proprietary firm and grew exponentially over time.

Why settle for a boring 9-5 job when you can dive into the exciting world of alternative trading careers with these programs’ strict trading rules and guidelines?

Trading Rules and Guidelines

Trading Guidelines for Similar Programs:

Trading Rules and Guidelines are crucial components of similar trading programs, ensuring that traders adhere to a set of guidelines designed to promote profitable and sustainable trading. These guidelines incorporate different aspects of trading, such as risk management, position sizing, and trade execution.

  • Risk Management – All similar trading programs place great emphasis on risk management. Traders have to maintain a specific level of equity in their accounts or risk being disqualified from the program.
  • Trading Strategies – Trading strategies employed by traders must comply with the guidelines and rules established for each program. For example, some programs may prohibit scalping or high-frequency trading.
  • Trade Execution – All trades executed by traders in these programs must be performed using strict procedures stipulated by the program’s rules and regulations.
  • Position Sizing – Traders must also follow specific position-sizing guidelines that take into account trade size relative to current available capital.

These similar programs offer varying levels of flexibility with their trading rules and guidelines. Unique details include proprietary indicators or algorithms that can be incorporated into trading strategies.

Don’t miss out on alternative trading careers and prop trading jobs without exploring quant trading jobs, algorithmic trading jobs, fintech trading options or ai trading solutions just yet. Don’t hesitate any longer; explore alternative trading APIs or other unique infrastructure alternatives that can help you succeed in this field!

Profit splitting shouldn’t be a gamble, but with alternative portfolio management and institutional trading firms, it’s always a roll of the dice.

Profit Splitting

Profit-sharing is a major part of similar trading programs like FTMO that offer funding to traders. The funding firm and the trader share the profits made by the trader, which incentivizes both parties to work towards maximizing returns.

  • The Profit-Sharing Ratio: Similar programs have different profit-sharing ratios that vary from 50/50 to 80/20 in favor of the trader.
  • Withdrawal Criteria: The profit-sharing agreement dictates when and how much of the earnings can be withdrawn.
  • Losses Sharing: In case of losses, similar programs may opt for loss sharing where the funding firm bears a percentage of losses.
  • Cumulative Profits: Generally, accumulated profits are shared between parties at the end of each evaluation period.

Alternative portfolio management firms, institutional trading firms, alt trading news and blogs, trading blogs like ftmo, prop trading podcasts, alternative trading podcasts, trading books and literature alternatives, market analysis alternatives, alternative market research options, volatility trading firms,risk management firms, alternative order execution software and alternative trading platforms like ftmo can impact profit splitting ratios.

For instance, some proprietary firms may have high-profit percentages at the cost of increased withdrawal restrictions or partial loss contributions from traders. Still, there can be others who prefer low-profit ratios but ensure flexible withdrawal criteria and extra support with an additional mentor or coach.

A professional day-trader shared his experience while using FTMO’s program; adjusting to new strategies changed his approach entirely while staying true to his style by receiving proper bonuses from supportive mentors through exceptional risk-management frameworks he had learned.

Remote trading jobs may sound appealing, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of managed trading accounts and trader funding programs before committing to a trading firm.

Pros and Cons of Similar Programs

Pros And Cons Of Similar Programs - What Is Similar To Ftmo?,

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We’ll check two sections to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of programs like:

  • Remote trading tasks, trading firm reviews, managed trading accounts, and trader funding programs.

The first section looks at the benefits – like:

  • Low-latency for trading firms
  • Trading data software
  • Alternative trading indicators
  • Trading analysis tools

The other section examines the cons, such as:

  • FTMO trading simulators
  • Prop trading simulators
  • Backtesting
  • Market data providers
  • Trading fund management alternatives
  • Trading automation tools for currency trading, CFDs, and options trading firms.


Potential Increased Profit: Trading programs like FTMO offer account funding opportunities, which can lead to increased profits for traders who successfully complete the evaluation process.

Access to Low-Latency Trading Firms: Programs like FTMO provide traders with access to low-latency trading firms, which can enable faster and more efficient trade executions.

Use of Trading Data Software, Alternative Indicators & Analysis Tools: Trading programs offer advanced trading technology and analytics tools that traders can leverage to enhance their trading strategies.

These benefits can ultimately lead to greater success for traders who use these programs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there may also be some drawbacks to using them such as program fees, high profit splits, strict trading rules, etc.

Before committing to a program like FTMO, traders should research and compare different options available in the market. It’s also recommended that they carefully read reviews and testimonials from other users before making any decisions.

By choosing the right program based on individual needs and goals, traders can take advantage of these advantages while mitigating potential risks associated with them.

Don’t miss out on potentially lucrative opportunities offered by trading programs like FTMO. Start researching today!

Trading simulators like FTMO may lack the real-world pressure, but they still offer valuable backtesting and practice for prop traders.


Restrictions and Requirements: Some programs may have strict rules and guidelines for trading, which may not align with your trading style or goals. Additionally, the program may require a high minimum account balance or a specific level of experience to participate.

Profit Sharing: While profit sharing is a common feature in these programs, the split may not always be favorable for traders. The program may take a large percentage of your profits as their fee, leaving you with a smaller portion than expected.

Limited Market Access: Not all prop trading simulators offer access to all markets. Some may only focus on specific asset classes like forex or stocks, while others may not provide real-time market data necessary for efficient trading.

Lack of Customization: Since these programs are designed to simulate prop trading firms, they may not offer customization options for traders who want to experiment with different strategies or tools.

Required Performance Metrics: Many programs require traders to meet certain performance metrics before receiving funding or advancing to higher levels within the program. This can create added pressure and stress for traders trying to reach these goals.

Despite these drawbacks, prop trading simulators like FTMO and similar programs can still be valuable trading fund management alternatives. When choosing a program, it’s essential to consider your unique goals and preferences, research and compare different options thoroughly, read reviews from other traders who have participated in these programs before deciding on one that fits your needs.

In my personal experience using a similar prop trading simulator, I found that the lack of customization options made it challenging to adapt my strategies effectively. However, the structured rules and guidelines helped me refine my approach and improve my overall performance as a trader.

Selecting a prop trading firm is like choosing a partner, you need to define your goals, do your research, and read the reviews before making a commitment.

How to Choose the Right Program

How To Choose The Right Program - What Is Similar To Ftmo?,

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Choose the correct trading firm.

Define your trading style and aims.

Research and compare programs.

Read reviews and traders’ testimonials.

Scalp, swing, day, or position trade?

Evaluate prop trading firms.

Compare their selection criteria.

Read reviews and success stories.

Get insights from other traders’ experiences.

Define your Trading Style and Goals

To achieve success in trading, it is crucial to define your personal trading style and goals. This involves understanding if you are better suited for scalping vs swing trading or if day trading vs position trading aligns more with your goals.

Your trading style also impacts the type of funded trader program that you should choose. For example, a program that heavily restricts scalping may not be the best fit for someone who relies heavily on this technique.

Furthermore, traders must also have clear financial goals for themselves. This includes setting profit targets and understanding what level of risk they are comfortable with.

To successfully navigate similar programs like FTMO, it is recommended that traders do their research and compare different programs based on their individual needs and preferences. It’s important to read reviews and testimonials from other traders to get an idea of what to expect from a given program.

Overall, defining your personal trading style and goals is crucial to choosing the right funded trader program for you. By doing so, you can optimize your chances of success in the markets.

Comparing trading firms? Evaluate proprietary trading firms based on your specific selection criteria.

Research and Compare Programs

When selecting a trading program, it is essential to research and evaluate various options available to ensure that you select the best fit. Thus, comparing trading firms and evaluating proprietary trading firms is an essential aspect of trading firm selection criteria.

To compare different trading programs, one can create a table with columns such as Program Name, Account Funding Amount, Maximum Drawdown Limits, Payout Structure, and Passing Criteria. For instance, the Funded Trader Program by The5%ers offers account funding from $24.99k to $1.28m and a profit-splitting ratio ranging between 20% to 50% for traders who pass the evaluation phase.

It is also crucial to conduct thorough research on each program’s unique features to identify what makes them different from other similar programs. Some programs might offer more lenient maximum drawdown limits or reward traders who achieve high-profit margins during their evaluations.

An example of a historically significant proprietary trading firm is Citadel Securities LLC, which has over two decades of experience in providing liquidity and capital investment opportunities across different markets worldwide.

Overall, comparing different trading programs based on their specific attributes can help you choose the most suitable option based on your financial goals and objectives. Evaluating proprietary trading firms’ philosophies and history can provide insight into how you will fit into their culture if selected for funding.

Discover real-life success stories and trader experiences through prop trading reviews and trading firm testimonials.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials are a crucial part of evaluating similar programs like FTMO. They provide insight into the experiences and success stories of traders who have gone through these programs.

  • Find Prop Trading Reviews: To get a better understanding of a program, read prop trading reviews on different platforms like Reddit or Forex Peace Army.
  • Check Trading Firm Testimonials: Testimonials from traders who have gone through a program can also provide valuable insights into its benefits and challenges.
  • Explore Trader Experiences: Join trading forums or groups to connect with traders who have undergone similar programs and learn from their experiences.

Traders must consider the diversity in remote trading success stories while reading reviews and testimonials. This helps them understand the suitability of the program based on their unique trading style, experience, and expectations.

Pro Tip:Before investing time and money in any trading program, try to reach out to other traders who have been through it for an honest opinion. It will help avoid scams or dishonest service providers.

Some Facts About What Is Similar to FTMO:

  • ✅ There are other prop firms like FTMO, such as TopstepTrader, OneUp Trader, and The5%ers. (Source: Tradingreview.net)
  • ✅ Similarities among these prop firms include offering a challenge for traders to prove their skills, providing funding for successful traders, and implementing risk management measures. (Source: Tradingschoolspro.com)
  • ✅ Some prop firms require traders to use their proprietary trading platforms, while others allow the use of popular trading platforms like MetaTrader and NinjaTrader. (Source: Tradingreview.net)
  • ✅ Like FTMO, some prop firms have specific rules and requirements for traders to follow, such as maximum drawdown limits and profit targets. (Source: Tradingschoolspro.com)
  • ✅ Prop firms like FTMO often have different account sizes and profit splits, so it’s important for traders to do their research before choosing a prop firm. (Source: Tradingschoolspro.com)

FAQs about What Is Similar To Ftmo?

What is similar to FTMO?

There are several trading firms and programs that are similar to FTMO:

  • The5%ers
  • TopstepTrader
  • Fundseeder
  • OneUp Trader
  • TraderSync
  • City Traders Imperium

What is The5%ers?

The5%ers is a trading firm that offers a similar concept to FTMO. Traders can prove their skills and risk management through a Comprehensive Evaluation Program and once successful are offered a funded account to trade with.

What is TopstepTrader?

TopstepTrader is another trading firm that offers a similar concept to FTMO. Traders can gain access to a funded trading account by successfully passing their evaluation process, where traders are judged on risk management, trading performance and adherence to trading rules.

What is Fundseeder?

Fundseeder is another online trading platform that allows traders to showcase their trading skills. Successful traders are offered a funded trading account and can earn up to 85% of the profits generated.

What is OneUp Trader?

OneUp Trader is a trading firm that offers a similar concept to FTMO. Traders can gain access to a funded trading account by passing their evaluation process, which tests trading skills and risk management. Once funded, traders can keep 100% of their profits.

What is TraderSync?

TraderSync is a trading platform that offers a range of tools and features to help traders improve their trading skills. Similar to FTMO, they allow traders to trade with a funded trading account once they have passed their evaluation process.

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