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If you’ve been around in the forex or trading industry for more than a few days, you’re going to quickly realise that there’s a HUGE amount of educators, mentors and trading companies trying to teach beginner traders how to read the markets, for a fee, of course.

With trading knowledge being so abundant, it’s crucial to be finding mentors that can actually add value to your trading and guide you properly, instead of just looking to make a quick buck.

In this article we are going to be looking at Trading Masterclass, a forex and investing education company founded by two very well known retail traders within the community.

It’s worth noting, by way of 2023 update, Jonny Godfrey is no longer a part of the company as he is focusing on another business, solely around trading psychology. The rest of the information in the review remains accurate!

Let’s have a look at the offering, the pros, cons and the general consensus this company has…

Who Are Trading Masterclass?

Trading MasterclassOpens in a new tab.

Both Jonny and Irek were both very prominent in the old Infinite ProsperityOpens in a new tab.

They have rapidly become one of the best forex trading courses in the industry.Opens in a new tab.

Irek and Jonny both have a wealth of trading experience, within the forex market and equities, indices etc – so they sure do have a lot of knowledge to impart.

With that being said, TMC has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, so let’s take a deeper look at their offering…

What Does Trading Masterclass Offer?

TMC is currently offering 2 different paid membership options, TMC Black and TMC Diamond:

TMC Black –

TMC Black is the cheaper of the two memberships and is meant for more beginner traders looking to solidify their understanding of the currency markets. Although the course content isn’t all basic by any means, it is lacking some of the way more advanced content that is brought out in the other membership package. TMC Black includes…

  • Over 80 foundation lessons, totalling 25 hours
  • Evolve series, 25 hours of content
  • Q&As, 4 livestreams monthly
  • Chronicles – videos regarding TMC strategies (last 12 months only)
  • Weekly market insights released Monday
  • Market update updated Wednesday

TMC Diamond –

TMC Diamond is for the more committed traders who are perhaps looking to get funded and do this full time. This package is going to cost you more money each year, but is going to come with some extra perks compared to the Black package, these include…

  • 20 Advanced lessons, totalling 10 hours
  • Archives, 90+ hours of trading education
  • Monthly coaching call
  • Chronicles live (monthly trader interviews)
  • Full access to the TMC Club
  • Private channel access

If I was starting out in the forex industry and wasn’t too sure if it was going to be for me long term, I would personally advise the TMC Black instead of diamond, purely because it still has such great value for money and you won’t necessarily need these additional perks if you’re just starting out in the industry. However, if you’re full time trading using the TMC strategies, having the full unrestricted membership might be the best port of call.

Student Interviews

TMC has a number of student interviews which may be useful if you’re looking to see how the top students are performing since becoming a part of the community.

In this interview with Logan Chalkley,Opens in a new tab.

There are plenty of interviews on the site, which can be found hereOpens in a new tab.

I’ve read numerous interviews now from forex traders that now trade for a living and the sense of fulfilment they are getting, alongside the success of the strategies really is amazing.

The Trading Masterclass Club

Something I really like about TMC is the fact they show students achievements, growth and success.

The majority of trading education services don’t have any profitable traders or successful mentors so they shy away from posting anything about their students besides a few demo screenshots from MT4 android.

It’s worth checking out the ClubOpens in a new tab.

This means there are both now trading much more capital and hopefully able to dedicate more of their work day to trading!

Besides KB TradingOpens in a new tab.

I personally like to see that a community has a lot of prop firm traders, so I know that the strategies do actually work! Trading Masterclass has multiple 6 figure funded traders with various prop firms.

I’d recommend checking out FTMOOpens in a new tab.

Trading Masterclass Pricing

Now when it comes to pricing, TMC certainly isn’t cheap. With most retail forex trading courses and communities clocking in at around the $500-$800 mark, this is going to sound quite expensive. As explained in their offerings, TMC offer 2 packages:

Trading Masterclass Black – $1,997 per year (Currently)
Trading Masterclass Diamond – $4,997 per year (Currently)

At the time of writing this article, they are currently running a 50% off discount this month. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this that the deal is gone, but this shows they are offering discounts so it may be worth sitting on your hands and waiting until there’s a substantial discount.

I believe there used to be a pay monthly subscription, but that appears to no longer be shown as an option.

UPDATE – The 50% off discount has just expired, but I’m sure another one will be coming through shortly, it’s worth keeping an eye on Jonnys Instagram to see any offers upcoming.

Although I personally think this is extremely expensive, the amount of positive reviews shows that people really do think that there is value for money here.

It also weeds out all of the ‘not committed’ and ‘get rich quick’ wannabes that hop from trading course to trading course as I doubt you’re going to want to purchase another course after such a large investment.

I personally do believe that the value for money is still there, but it’s significantly more expensive than some of the other forex courses on our Best Forex Course ListOpens in a new tab.

Trading Masterclass Trustpilot – What Do Traders Think?

If you have read any of our other trading educator reviews or even prop firm reviews, you’ll know that we hold a lot of value in looking at what other traders and students think of a service. Just because we have a certain experience, doesn’t mean that other traders feel the same way.

TMCOpens in a new tab.

This is comparable to the rest of the top forex coursesOpens in a new tab.

As shown here, traders are very satisfied and the community feel seems to be playing a huge factor in that – with the weekly calls and analysis that is being produced.

I have personally seen a number of TMC students becoming FTMO funded tradersOpens in a new tab.

Conclusion – Is Trading Masterclass Good For Traders?

In summary, TMC is a great trading education provider and community ran by two successful market veterans, Irek and Jonny.

The company has been really cementing themselves in the industry over the last few years and is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the retail junk being sold. I personally think that TMC is one of the best trading courses in 2023Opens in a new tab.

Members are extremely happy with the content being put out and they really have earned their 4.8 star rating!

The only negative from me is the price point being so high for the majority of budding retail traders, which will either lead to people not being able to get involved, or having to stretch themselves so much to get involved that the whole experience is ruined for them.

I’d love to know if you have any experience with TMC, your thoughts about the company and the founders!

Kyle Townsend

Kyle Townsend is the founder of Forex Broker Report, an experienced forex trader and an advocate for funding options for retail forex traders.

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