How To Fix MetaTrader 4’s Off Quotes Error

It can be highly frustrating when you need to execute trades in the forex market but you continue to get the same error repeatedly on your trading platform. This can cause you a huge amount of lost opportunities, especially if you’re trading the lower time frames where you need to be more agile and faster to react. Being interrupted on your MetaTrader 4 platform with an “off quotes” error shows that the platform fails to locate the order price by the broker or liquidity provider. 

Ways To Fix A MetaTrader 4 Off Quotes Error:

  1. Restart the MetaTrader 4 Platform.
  2. Restart your Wifi.
  3. Log out of your MT4 broker account, then log back in.
  4. Try connecting to a new server (if your broker has multiple servers).
  5. If none of this works, ask your broker for assistance as the issue will be on their end.

How To Fix MetaTrader 4’s Off Quotes Error (Step By Step)

You will need about 5 minutes to learn how to fix MT4 off quotes error. 

  1. Use a more significant maximin deviation: Your broker is far more flexible in filling your order using a more extensive deviation mix. The broker might even provide you an order price even if there is a price slippage. If you continue to have stop quote problems even after maximizing the deviation, you should immediately contact your broker to report the issue. 
  2. Note that for five-digit prices, a 30 pips deviation means three pips, and for a four-digit price, three deviation means actually three pips. 
  3. Customize your MT4: If you’re using an expert advisor for executing orders but have off quote errors, you might have to change your EA coding. You will need to set a maximum number of x times until the broker server fills the order. 
  4. Check your internet connection: A poor connection can cause a delay, disconnection, or latency between your MT4 and the broker server. Whenever you notice that you’re having frequent off-quote issues check your internet connection and ensure your MT4 is online. You can fix an internet connection by switching from a wireless connection to an Ethernet cable will ensure that you always have a reliable internet connection.
  5. Move your computer closer to the wireless modem so that you can ensure that your computer is within the Wi-Fi’s range.
  6. Restart your modem by turning it off with the power button or unplugging the modem for a few seconds before plugging it in again.
  7. Reset the modem to factory settings by using the reset button, usually on the back of the modem, or unplugging the modem for a few minutes before plugging it in again. Note that resetting your modem will erase any custom settings you have. 

Those are all of the main ways you can fix an MT4 off quotes error. If you keep having issues, the best thing to do is to contact your broker and report the problem. It may be that something is going on internally that you don’t know about, and they’ll be able to give you specific advice about how to fix the errors and prevent them from happening again. 

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What Does An Off Quotes Error Mean?

You will get an off quotes error on your MetaTrader 4 platform when the platform fails to locate the order price from the broker server or the liquidity providerOpens in a new tab.

Having use error messages show up frequently can become a severe issue for day traders who require seamless entry and exit from the market. As soon as you can identify why your MT4 has an error, you can quickly fix it in only a few minutes. 

However, there is the possibility that your broker is responsible for the problem, in which case there’s not much you can do. You must pick the proper broker to avoid having off-quote problems.

There are two main reasons that the MT4 error is happening: 

  • Poor internet connection: a faulty internet connection is the most common reason you get errors on your MT4 platform. If you lose the connection or right after placing an order, it’ll show up as an error code. This is when you get in the pop-up box that says “off quotes.” If the platform fails to connect to the broker server, this message comes up. 
  • Failing to connect with the broker server: broker or the liquidity provider rejects an order because of the unavailability of the price quoted. If you place a sell order at a price and give it a maximum deviation but the broker tries to match with a deviation outside of that maximum, then an error will result because the order is above that maximum.

If you find that neither of these reasons is why you continue to have frequent errors popping up, then it’s time for you to contact your broker and figure out if it is something on their end. It may be time to find a new broker to work with, or there might be something going on on the back end of the system that you’re unaware of. 

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In Conclusion – How Can You Fix The MetaTrader Quotes Error Quickly

The quickest way how to fix MT4 quote error is to change the maximum deviation. A lot of the time, there is an error coming up because your broker is trying to use a higher deviation and what you set as the maximum. This automatically means that there’s going to be a price issue. 

It also only takes a little while to turn your modem off and turn it back on again, which could also help do a soft reset to your internet. A spotty internet connection can cause all kinds of errors, as it may be that your platform isn’t connecting properly to your broker.

Suppose you suspect that there may be an issue with your broker or with the MetaTrader program itself. In that case, you will need to contact your broker or the MetaTrader support team to give you some advice about how to solve the problem or inform you of any maintenance that might be happening on the system. It may take some time for them to contact you.

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