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I can’t even log onto social media these days without getting hit with so many ads trying to sell me forex courses, mentorship and whatever else is being pushed now in this industry. The retail trader sector has exploded over the last few years and with so many educators coming into the game, it’s very hard to figure out who’s actually offering value and who just wants your money.

In this article we are going to be reviewing KB Trading. This company has blown up on YouTube over the last few years and really generated a buzz surrounding how they trade, their prop trading floor and much more. So, let’s find out if this is the trading company for you…

Who Is K B Trading?

KB Trading is an education company based out of Glasgow, U.K, offering a range of different trading packages for beginner traders around the world. The company has a gained a lot of traction and a great reputation over the last year or so, with the owner, Sam, posting a lot of YouTube content to drive engagement. KB claims that over 35 of their traders are now FTMO Funded with over £100,000 in trading capitalOpens in a new tab., which if true is absolutely amazing! The company has recently been featured in a BBC specialOpens in a new tab. as well which has done a lot for the companies credibility, being one of the only top forex coursesOpens in a new tab. to have been!

Samuel Kavanagh is the founder and really the face of the company. He started the company, according to his LinkedinOpens in a new tab., back in 2018 after leaving college in 2017, so he certainly didn’t have much trading experience under his belt when he began, but years down the line now it seems he does.

Samuel seems to have an intraday trading style himself and analyses on multiple time frames ranging from the weekly, down to the 1H for execution, a common strategy used by retail traders.

KB TradingOpens in a new tab. has office space in Glasgow which is documented all over their social medias. You’re able to visit the office if you’re a student (possibly changed due to covid), and they currently have a few traders renting desk space off them in the city centre to trade their accounts – almost like a prop trading floor.

The company has been featured in a few podcasts over the last few months including TradingNutOpens in a new tab. and DesireToTradeOpens in a new tab..

What Does K B Trading Offer?

Now we know who is running the show at KB, we need to have a look at what they’re actually trying to sell us and how valuable their offering is!

Courses –

2 Trading courses are offered to traders, ranging from very much beginner content, to slightly more advanced content like position management and psychology. You can also buy the bundle (both the beginner and advanced course), for a small discount.

The beginner course is, as it says, very much for beginners who have never really exposed themselves to forex before and have no real idea of what they need to learn. I personally advise staying away from really basic content as it’s literally all out there for free on BabypipsOpens in a new tab.. That doesn’t mean the course doesn’t have value – I’m sure it’s broken down into very digestible content, just be aware of the fact that the extremely newbie content is all already out there, free.

This mentality goes for all of the best forex coursesOpens in a new tab., in my opinion – learning the complete basics should be done online for free.

The advanced course however definitely holds more weight in my opinion. There’s no fake promises, claims of instant wealth or anything ridiculous being offered. In fact, there’s nothing groundbreaking at all in the curriculum – which is actually amazing to see. When trading firms offer up weird secret strategies, that’s when you want to be worried.

As you can see from some of the curriculum here, the advanced course has a range of modules that teach things like scaling into positions, cutting losses, market sentiment and much more. Although of course this is all out there for free online too, having this all condensed into digestible content could be really valuable to a trader looking to further their studies.

Community –

KB offers community membership for a paid monthly fee. This is for traders that want to have access to daily content, weekly workshops, analysis and much more. Although I think that £50 per month is fairly steep for this in all honesty, if you’re trading the same strategies and styles taught in the course content then this could be extremely valuable as you’ll be able to see exactly what other traders are looking at.

When you buy one of the trading courses, you’ll get 2 months of free access to the community. If you’re a swing trader for instance, not looking at the small intraday moves then this will not be worth your time, unless you just want to be a part of a community, of course. I personally wouldn’t purchase the community memberships as I’m not quite sure why you should have to pay to be a part of a community that you have already paid for, but that’s just my opinion – I’m sure traders love it!

Prop Funding –

On their YouTube channelOpens in a new tab., Samuel has mentioned numerous times about KB either being, or becoming a prop firm in the near future and offering funding to students. Now, considering they claim that 35+ of their students are FTMO fundedOpens in a new tab., I’m assuming they aren’t yet offering this capital in large amounts as traders are going to traditional prop firms to get more trading capitalOpens in a new tab..

This is definitely something to keep an eye on over the next few years to see what kind of funding is being offered. As it stands at the moment, I would highly recommend just working with a proven and trusted prop firm, all of which are listed on our Best Prop Firms ListOpens in a new tab.. For the style of trading the this company teaches, I’d recommend either FTMOOpens in a new tab. or DT4X TraderOpens in a new tab..

K B Trading Pricing

With so many mentors and educators trying to sell us courses now, it’s more important than ever to actually look at the value being offered in some of these courses. With that being said, how much are we going to be paying for KB Trading?

Courses –

  • Trading Forex (Beginners) £229.99
  • Advanced Trader Course £399.00
  • Beginner & Advanced Bundle £549.99

Memberships –

  • Community / Analyst Pass £50.00 Per Month
  • Community Pass £30 Per Month

As far as forex trading courses go, this really isn’t too bad in terms of price point. I’d say it’s very much in the average range with the beginners trading course coming in at a really great price. With that being said, the content you are learning in the beginners Trading Forex course is extremely basic (as it says on the tin) and can be learned off BabypipsOpens in a new tab. for free. The advanced course has more value in my opinion, as it focuses more on context, building positions, risk management and the actual important aspects of forex that are needed to reach consistency. But like I say, compared to some of the other trading education companiesOpens in a new tab. like Trading MasterclassOpens in a new tab., the fees are certainly not too extortionate.

K B Trading YouTube

If you’re like myself, you may have discovered KB back in 2021 when a Day In The Life style videoOpens in a new tab. ended up doing extremely well on YouTube. I don’t know what it was about that specific video but the algorithm seemed to absolutely love it as myself and various affiliates I have in the industry all got recommended the content, which was great!

The majority of Sams videos are him going about his daily routine and talking in detail about what it is his company is offering retail traders. It’s great to see the consistency and transparency that is being shown here. I’d personally say that the large majority of the content isn’t aimed as experienced traders as there’s not a huge amount of analysis and useful real time information going on, more so just showcasing what it’s like to trade/own a business and what new traders can aspire to.

K B Trading Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

The best way to gauge the trustworthiness of a trading education provider, or any company for that matter, is to look at what other customers are thinking and the experience they have had. Just because we may have a great experience with a company, doesn’t mean that sentiment is echoed worldwide.

KB TradingOpens in a new tab. is rated Excellent on Trustpilot with just over 100 reviews, coming in at 4.5/5. This is great to see that nearly 90% of traders think the education and mentorship being offered is excellent! Although roughly 100 reviews isn’t many, the company is really in it’s infancy and it’s more than enough reviews to help us make our minds up.

As you can see here, Carl, a member of KB has actually just passed his FTMO fundingOpens in a new tab.! This is GREAT to see and shows that some kind of value must be being offered, as getting FTMO fundedOpens in a new tab. really isn’t easy. If you’re interested in taking on additional trading capital, have a read of our FTMO review for everything you’ll need to know.

In Conclusion – Is K B Trading Just Another Scam?

In short, KB Trading is not a scam and is a legitimate education company with transparent owners, providing packaged knowledge to retail forex traders. The company has a great offering and great reputation in the community.

Of course you would be able to get all of the content being taught somewhere else online for free, and with the beginner course I genuinely think BabypipsOpens in a new tab. would be a better choice, however, when looking more into the advanced content – having it all packaged is definitely a time saver!

I like the fact that they don’t offer any ridiculous returns, promises and scams – literally just showing traders how they could potentially make a few percentage gain per month with proper risk management.

I don’t like the fact that I can’t find any type of track records to prove consistency of the mentors. VERY few education companies offer this, which is a real shame.

If you have any experience with KB Trading, please do let me know in the comments down below!

Kyle Townsend

I've been trading forex full-time since 2016. Over the last few years I have tried and tested all of the most popular forex brokers after being scammed by an unregulated broker back in 2017. I post my reviews to help others stay away from potentially high risk brokers!

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