Which Are The Most Volatile Forex Pairs?

One of the most important things for new forex traders to master is to find the most volatile Forex currency pairs and why they are so valuable to trade. A lot of new traders (for a bunch of different reasons) like to dipped their toe into the Forex world with low volatility currency pairs. There’s nothing wrong with that – nothing at all – but if that’s the only kind of currency pair you trade you’re leaving a lot of potential money on the table.

If you are serious about building real wealth through the Forex markets you are going to have to (sooner or later) square up with the most volatile Forex currency pairs on the market today.

The most volatile forex currency pairs in 2022 are AUDJPY, AUDUSD and EURAUD. This is followed closely by NZDJPY, GBPAUD and GBPNZD. These Minor pair crosses are much more volatile and the more stable Major forex pairs.

Which are the Most Volatile Forex Currency Pairs?

The most volatile Forex currency pairsOpens in a new tab.

Low volatility curency pairs aren’t going to move that much. They are generally pretty stable. They are generally pretty predictable. What you see is what you get (for the most part). 

The most volatile Forex currency pairs, on the other hand, are going to bounce all over the place.

These are the kinds of pairs that see giant ups and downs, spikes and valleys, and breakouts left and right.

In 2022, the most volatile currency pairs are shaking out to be:

  • AUD/JPY (with average volatility of 1.12%)
  • AUD/USD (1.07%)
  • EUR/AUD (1.07%)
  • NZD/JPY (1.05%)
  • GBP/AUD (1.05%)
  • GBP/NZD (1.05%)

By the end of the year that this list might look a little different, but for the most part the “exotic currency pairs” – like NZD/JPY, for example – are going to see the highest level of volatility as a general rule of thumb. All of this volatility can be seen on Trading view chartsOpens in a new tab.

The bottom line is this: 

If one currency in a pair is most susceptible to wild market swings or currency fluctuations you’re going to be seeing a lot of volatility. If both of those currency pairs are susceptible to these kinds of fluctuations you get even more volatility!

The Pros and Cons of Trading the Most Volatile Currency Pairs

One of the reasons that forex investors like high volatility currency pairs is because they have a tremendous opportunity to become “lottery tickets” – the kinds of pairs that can payout windfall profits on initial trades that didn’t cost investors all that much. 

A lot of investors are looking to beat the market in the world of forex and aren’t shy about pumping money into high volatility pairs. These high risk pairs see the bid raise with this influx of money, increasing volatility even more so.

If you’re able to ride the tiger (so to speak) at the right time with this kind of volatility you can turn a small amount of money with a little bit of leverageOpens in a new tab.

On the flip side of things, though, it’s not at all uncommon to see stop losses – even trailing stop lossesOpens in a new tab.

The problem here is that a stop lossOpens in a new tab.

High volatility trading is also very much a short-term kind of move.

A lot of longer-term investors (especially those that are more comfortable with the “buy and hold” principles of the stock market) generally aren’t going to be able to handle the wild swings that high volatility currency pairs inevitably bring to the table.

Think of these moves as “get in and get out” kind of opportunities and reframe your strategies accordingly.

How to Find the Most Volatile Currency Pairs

Finding the most volatile pairs in the Forex market is a big piece of the puzzle, but they aren’t going to be all that difficult to come across.

For one thing, you’ll want to look for “exotic pairsOpens in a new tab.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for the current movement trends for currency pairs as well.

Price movement in the world of forex is almost always described in “pipsOpens in a new tab.

A currency pair that moves 200 pips during a given block of time is going to be a whole lot more volatile than a currency pair moving 25 pips, 50 pips, or even hundred pips over that same stretch of time.

Volatility is generally going to be influenced by economic information, political uncertainty or events, the liquidity of one currency in that pair (or both), as well as the overall supply and demand for that pair. If you’re interested in this side of forex trading, I’d recommend using the news sites like Forex LiveOpens in a new tab.

At the end of the day, market research and technical analysisOpens in a new tab.

You’re going to have to read some charts and you’re going to have to pay attention to movement on a day-to-day basis. This is really the only concrete way to determine which currency pair is volatile in the moment.

Have a look at pips per day movement numbers and see what kind of volume these currency pairs are trading at.

Are you seeing a lot of movement?

Are prices swinging all over the place?

Have things slow down and flatlined a little bit?

Answer these questions as soon as you are getting ready to pull the trigger on a trade and you’ll know whether or not you are getting into a high volatility pair or one that’s a little less risky – as well as has a little less potential to payout big time.

In Conclusion – What Are The Most Volatile Forex Currency Pairs?

In summary, the most volatile forex pairs are those that see the biggest price swings and that are influenced by a variety of factors, including global economic conditions, political uncertainty, and overall supply and demand.

You can find these pairs by monitoring pip movements as well as overall volume, and you can make money off of them by trading short-term with an understanding of the risks involved.

Remember, high volatility trading isn’t for everyone – it can be incredibly risky and it often goes against the buy and hold mentality of many longer-term investors.

But if you are prepared to handle the risk and you know what you are doing, then these volatile currency pairs can definitely help you make some serious profits.

Kyle Townsend

I've been trading forex full-time since 2016. Over the last few years I have tried and tested all of the most popular forex brokers after being scammed by an unregulated broker back in 2017. I post my reviews to help others stay away from potentially high risk brokers!

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